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YouTube. Just got simpler

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Ziarekenya Smith
P.T. 7.9 M.S. 6 V.M.H. 6 J.M. 9 Creative 7.2 P.T. 8.4 M.S. 8 V.M.H. 8 J.M. 9 Design 8.4 P.T. 8 M.S. 7 V.M.H. 8.5 J.M. 9 Craft 8.1 P.T. 8.1 M.S. 7 V.M.H. 7.5 J.M. 9 Total 7.9
YouTube: A brand new experience that never stops. Ziarekenya Smith shares his concept of a YouTube rebranding with his personal project.
The Concept

Conceptually I wanted to redesign & rebrand YouTube to never have a dull moment. You will always be able to experience YouTube while watching or uploading videos. YouTube's entire interface has been refreshed with minimal and interactive design. You also have more control than ever before to create your own unique experience. With other websites offering similar services, a refreshed brand conveys relevance in the years to come.

YouTube is now about you. The logo shows a camera frame making you the director.
The demographic of the site is broad. YouTube's goal is for everyone to enjoy and share videos.
A mind mapping session led to important points to functionality and visual categories.
Before production, sketches were done to envision the final webpages.
Mood board
The Production

Ziare then began producing a site map. Simplifying the number of clicks per page. Additionally, a pre animated layout showed how the site would look live. Most importantly however was stable functionality accompanied by interactive elements. Ziare was attending Full Sail University attaining his Bachelor's Degree in Digital Art & Design. Partnered with his project it took a year to complete.

Once the final logo was selected, it was redrawn then brought it to life in illustrator.
Once the logo was done he integrated brackets into the login page. Examples are in the wireframes.
The creator deviated from YouTube's font because he felt it was a bit dated and decided to attempt a more modern look.
The color palette brings a fun experience to YouTube. Making it more pleasing to the eye.
Once all the layout was complete he took them into after effects. Showcasing how they will work when live.
When the video was done he transferred it to Audition. Then started editing the soundtrack.

The redesign is fully interactive and has been refreshed with minimal design. The functionality is simple, faster, and better than ever. The user will be able to feel back at home again with a far greater experience. This redesign wasn't focusing on the now but Ziare wanted to rethink the future of the Google brand & YouTube.

YouTube's redesign is to make everything about the users. Brackets represent the camera frame. It makes you feel like your the director of your own videos!
Users are able to sign in to enjoy their brand new features; alternatively public users are also able to explore.
The brand new homepage is now interactive with tile/category features to give users more control and power to create their own unique experience.
YouTube videos can be viewed in a much more colorful manner. They now have a coordinating color to match their content. Preview videos by hovering over it before indulging yourself to the full experience.
Explore the revamped video page with a new system that allows you to check your info, comments, and suggested videos. Refreshing is now a thing of the past due to everything being shown in real time.
YouTube's video player has been revolutionized to be sleek.
Information Section: The brand new real time Infographic shows real time video statistics. Google's Drive and +1 system has also been added.
Comment Section: With the new comment section one is able to leave voice comments. Alternatively, we've also added the ever so popular emojis!
Suggested Videos Section: You will now see a preview of the video by hovering over it before indulging yourself to the full experience. Alternatively, you can choose to watch the video later.
Watch and share videos instantly on your favorite social media sites or email them directly to someone.
Stopping to watch videos is over! Continue to browse YouTube and watch your current one in a new mini video player.
Access your navigation bar by clicking YouTube's logo. Then explore your guides and subscriptions.
The new channel interface gives you a whole new experience with customizing your channel, dynamic backgrounds, My Feed, Google Drive, and My Chat.
Dynamic profile backgrounds are now a new option. Users are able to use templates given to them or create their own.
Google Drive is now integrated with YouTube allowing you to track it whilehaving the luxury of 15GB of backup storage.
My feed now offers a real time update on your subscriptions, subscribers, and videos.
My Chat allows you to stay connected with your subscribers. If subscribed to each other you can chat or video chat, see if they’re online, and what video they’re are currently watching.
YouTube now gives you the option while watching music videos to follow along with the lyrics.
This feature will only be available for music videos.
YouTube's uploading system has been revamped!
You can now preview your video and select a thumbnail once it's reached 50%!
With new interface improvements feel free to minimize your uploading page and still browse YouTube. You can still view your progress bar on the bottom right.
By simply clicking the microphone you can verbally tell YouTube what you want to do.
Subscribers Channel: Check users feed or recent activity in real time. Furthermore, you can view another users featured channels by hovering over their icon.
Stay engaged with everything now on YouTube.
The user have ability to check and reply to all your messages and notifications is now here while seamlessly watching a video.
Signing off: You now no longer need to stay on YouTube for your video to continue uploading. You may choose to be notified by email when yourupload is complete.
YouTube. Just got simpler Introduction "Watch in HD to get the full experience"
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