War Thunder Heroes Trailer

Tony Prosser
GMUNK 8 R.V. 7.5 P.T. 8.5 V.M.H. 8 J.M. 7.5 M.P. 7 G.R. 7 F.A. 7 D.B. 8 A.J. 7 Creative 7.6 GMUNK 9 R.V. 8 P.T. 7.8 V.M.H. 8.5 J.M. 9 M.P. 7.5 G.R. 7.5 F.A. 8 D.B. 9 A.J. 7 Design 8.1 GMUNK 9 R.V. 8 P.T. 8.6 V.M.H. 8 J.M. 8.5 M.P. 8 G.R. 8 F.A. 7.5 D.B. 8 A.J. 8 Craft 8.2 GMUNK 8.7 R.V. 7.8 P.T. 8.3 V.M.H. 8.2 J.M. 8.3 M.P. 7.5 G.R. 7.5 F.A. 7.5 D.B. 8.3 A.J. 7.3 Total 7.9
RealtimeUK have created a CG trailer for Gaijin Entertainment's War Thunder video game.
The Concept

For this trailer, RealtimeUK came up with an intense and dramatic slow motion battle sequence which can be scrutinized through the lens of high-fidelity CG. Their creative team focused on an extremely short period of time from the climax of an epic land, sea and air battle and stretched it to fill nearly three minutes of beautifully realized CG.

The Production

The trailer was completed at RealtimeUK's studio in the North-West of England by some of the CG Industry's most talented artists and animators that have joined their team over the last 19 years. They created a custom built photogrammetry rig that allowed them to capture as yet unrealized levels of visual fidelity. The meshes were then adapted for their CG pipeline by their modeling and lighting team.

Motion Capture Session
War Thunder Heroes - VFX Breakdown

Combined with the haunting soundtrack, which the RealtimeUK team commissioned specially for the piece, the final piece is a visually arresting trailer that has amassed over 5 million views on Youtube.

War Thunder Heroes Trailer
Gaijin Entertainment
Tony Prosser Managing Director
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