Vikings 2 Teaser

Platige Images
Maciej Jackiewicz
Justyna Supernak
Katarzyna Chodak
Jakub Knapik
Adam Wierzchowski
10+ Team Members
P.T. 7.8 V.M.H. 9 M.S. 4 J.M. 8 Creative 7.2 P.T. 7.2 V.M.H. 10 M.S. 6 J.M. 7 Design 7.6 P.T. 7.1 V.M.H. 7 M.S. 5 J.M. 7 Craft 6.5 P.T. 7.4 V.M.H. 8.7 M.S. 5 J.M. 7.3 Total 7.1
An inspirational teaser for History Channel series "Vikings" combining live action complemented by CGI.
The Concept

The spot is immersed in Norse mythology and symbolism in attempt to transport the viewers to the brutal and myseterious world of vikings.

The client wanted every character to be related to Norse mythology while still linked to events from the new season.
This concept sketch reveals how each character is going to be linked to Norse Mythology.
The background was meant to be surrealistic with patches of unexplained scenery and roots which in the end connected all characters to Yggdrasil tree, the center of Viking cosmology.
The Production

There were 27 artists in total working on the project and 80 shots in all.

Most of the characters were shot on green screen with VFX added on after.
The final shot was the most complex to shoot. Each actor was shot separately with a different lighting setup each time. All of that was composited into one single scene.
When creating the shots that destroyed armor and created swords, the artists used 3D Max to do the destruction elements on top of tracked and hand animated body parts and then comped it in Nuke. The team mostly used Thinking Particles under 3D Max for the fragmented VFX shots because it is a good tool to control shattering materials. The results were then saved as Meshbaker cache.
The crow was a live animal shot on a green screen. 3D Max was used to hand animate bending so the feathers were not as stiff.

The final product was created by a combination of artists from cinematic artists, VFX crew. The final compositing and color correction was done in Nuke.

An example of characters being linked to Norse mythology is seen in golden tears that are symbols of goddess Freya.
History Channel
Maciej Jackiewicz Art Director
Justyna Supernak Post Producer
Katarzyna Chodak Post Producer
Jakub Knapik Lead 3D/ Compositing
Adam Wierzchowski On-Set Supervisor
Stainslaw Marek Lead 3D/ Compositing
Michael Firek Lead 3D/ Compositing
Selim Sykut Lead 3D/ Compositing
Andrzej Sykut Lead 3D/ Compositing
Tadeusz Chmiel Lead 3D/ Compositing
Konrad Kielcyzykowski 3D Artist
Pawel Lorenc 3D Artist
Olga Szblewicz-Piusk 3D Artist
Tomasz Zaborek 3D Artist
Lukasz Smaga 3D Artist
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