Promotion of the environment programs of UQAM

Vincent Raineri
Vincent Raineri
Simon L'Archevêque
Michaël Anctil
A.J. 9 A.M. 9 D.B. 8 D.S.H. 9 F.A. 6 G.R. 7 J.S. 8 M.P. 7 M.S. 9 P.K. 8 Creative 8 A.J. 8 A.M. 8 D.B. 8 D.S.H. 9 F.A. 9 G.R. 8 J.S. 8 M.P. 9 M.S. 8 P.K. 8 Design 8.3 A.J. 8 A.M. 8 D.B. 8 D.S.H. 9 F.A. 8 G.R. 9 J.S. 9 M.P. 9 M.S. 9 P.K. 8 Craft 8.5 A.J. 8.3 A.M. 8.3 D.B. 8 D.S.H. 9 F.A. 7.7 G.R. 8 J.S. 8.3 M.P. 8.3 M.S. 8.7 P.K. 8 Total 8.3
Illustrations and animation created for the promotion of the environment programs of UQAM. With five different themes, we wanted to reach every program available : Energy and resources, wildlife, cities and territories, health and populations, and climate change.
The Concept

Our challenge was to present, with a short animation, more than 30 university programs for a faculty of environment, in Montreal, Canada. We knew from the start that we could not explain every single program, so, while we were brainstorming with the client, we came up with the idea of combining all those programs under 5 main themes. The selected themes were "energy and resources", "wildlife", "cities and territories", "health and populations", and "climate change".

The Production

For each theme, we gathered a list of animals, objects and concepts that represented it, giving us material and ideas to create 5 small landscapes. After a first draft of those, we confirmed our choices of items in landscape with the client, made the adjustements needed, and once the illustrations were approved we started the animation production. Our idea was to make fluid transitions from one landscape to the other, and keeping it dynamic, so the viewer could have a quick overview of every aspect of the environmental education.


Our final animation is a quick teaser of all the environmental program available at this university, letting the viewer know that there is more to «environment» than climate change, and that the career possibilities are wider than one may think.


Health and populations
Cities and territories
Climate change
Energy and resources
Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
Vincent Raineri Motion Designer
Simon L'Archevêque Illustrator
Michaël Anctil Music
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