Graphic Design


Flavio Vidigal
Jay Harwood
Francis Turmel
Inspired by classic claymation and toy design, Firstborn harnesses the power of 3D in this project for Time Warner Cable.
The Concept

Featuring original characters and an engaging interface, the WiFi-Denti-Fier is an interactive tool that helps you decide which Time Warner Cable plan is the right one for your household. Originally planned as a simple bandwidth calculator, Firstborn had a friendlier solution.

Firstborn was inspired by classic claymation and toy design
With full creative license to craft the world of Wifi-Denti-Fier, the team was able to loop in designers, 3D and motion graphics and creative developers
The Production

Everything - from the original characters to the interactive 3D animations - was conceived, designed and developed in-house.

The project starts with intricate animated 3D characters and environments that were emphasized by a clean and minimal backdrop
The goal was to develop a look that was 3D, yet felt both graphic and thoughtfully designed
Maya was used in conjunction with Zbrush to create set pieces and environments, as well as to rig and animate
Sublime was the main code editor for HTML, Stylus for CSS, Coffeescript for the Javascript and even a little Flash for the ActionScript
With the 3D aspect sorted, the team's next task was to ensure that the polished, interactive experience could support mobile, numerous desktop browsers and tablets
Firstborn ended up building modified code-bases for each platform, ie Chrome users get 3D device-selection cubes and transparent videos, users without WebGL get Flash videos and 2D cubes, and users without WebGL or Flash (iPads) get PNG sequences

Instead of building another boring calculator, Firstborn created original characters along with an engaging interface giving a technical task a human touch and helping users get the most out of their devices.

Making of Video
Time Warner Cable
Flavio Vidigal Creative Director
Jay Harwood 3d Artist
Francis Turmel Developer
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