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The People Network

V.M.H. 9 J.M. 8.5 M.S. 9 P.T. 8 Creative 8.6 V.M.H. 8 J.M. 8 M.S. 8.5 P.T. 9 Design 8.4 V.M.H. 9.5 J.M. 9 M.S. 8.5 P.T. 8 Craft 8.8 V.M.H. 8.8 J.M. 8.5 M.S. 8.7 P.T. 8.3 Total 8.6
TNT introduces a new brand identity tagline, ‘The People Network’, as part of its Outlook strategy. TNT effectively captures this title in a new global ad campaign highlighting the delivery giant’s far-reaching network of dedicated couriers and importance of customer relationships built around the brand’s personal touch.
The Concept

The company’s unique aspect is its couriers and the personal experience it offers. Therefore, Post Panic director Mischa Rozema came up with the concept of a full size semi truck composed of dedicated TNT couriers that would be created from both real and CG humans.

The director sketched out a small storyboard to communicate his vision with the rest of the production team.
The Production

The campaign took a total of 100 days to create from ideation to execution. This included 6 days of shooting at 5 different locations. For Rozema, the biggest challenge was how to avoid the VFX becoming the focus of the commercial.

The project began with a drawn out storyboard and then an animatic (as seen below) to preview the scenes and decide how many cameras, where they should be, and what lenses to use.
Animatics, such as this one, allowed the crew to preview the scenes and decide how many cameras were needed and where to place them.
In order to achieve as much on camera as possible, the team created a full size human truck on set. CG humans were added to the shots with real humans that had been shot on the green screen.
The team created CG backgrounds and dropped the real human footage into this.
Although the team wanted to use as many real humans as possible, a majority of the semi was composed of CG humans, as you can see in this shot where most of the frame is left open.
Stunt actors were shot against a green screen and later added into a digital background.
This video shows the making of scenes filmed with the actors and stunt people in front of the green screens and on location.
The team used more VFX on the backgrounds to create a non-existing airport, alpine road-tunnels and cities.
VFX Breakdown video
This video shows a VFX breakdown of how the backgrounds were created by Marco Iozzi

After three months and five countries, PostPanic and TNT effectively launched the brand identity campaign to showcase its new tagline: “The People’s Network”.

Making of Video
Mischa Rozema Director Jules Tervoort Executive Producer/Post Panic Annejes van Liempd Executive Producer Jon Gaute Espevold Director of Photography Ivor Goldberg Head of Post Production/ VFX Supervisor
Peter van Leeuwen Art Director/ Concept
Markus Ravenhorst Copywriter/ Concept
Robert Roosenstein TV-producer Agency
Chris Staves Post Producer on set/ VFX Supervisor/ 3D & VFX Artist
Matthijs Joor Post Producer on set/ 3D & VFX Artist
Liene Berina Producer/ Post-Production Coordinator
Kristian Stoykov Production Assistant
Klara Kralickova Executive Producer
Vojita Ruzicka Line Producer
David Baxa Art Direction
Scott Harris Final Grading
Jiri Svorc Photographer
Nick Strong Image manipulator
Jereon Aerts 3D & VFX Artist
Marti Pujol 3D & VFX Artist
Dimos Hadjisavvas 3D & VFX Artist
Juri Agostinelli 3D & VFX Artist
Dieuwer Feldbrugge 3D & VFX Artist
Guido Ekker 3D & VFX Artist (Assistant)
Francois Heysen 3D & VFX Artist (Assistant)
Doma Harkai 2D/3D Artist
Erwin vd IJssel 2D/3D Artist
Stefano Peron 2D/3D Artist
Donat Aron Ertsey 2D/3D Artist
Hubert Heutinck 2D/3D Artist
Marco Iozzi Matte Painting
Marti Pujol Matte Painting
Giso Spijkerman Tracking & Match-Moving
Stepan Kment Motion Capture
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