Tamara Qaddoumi - Flowers Will Rot

Tic Motion Studio
Pablo Lozano
Pamela Farhat
Michel Doumit
Mattias Breitholtz
Yino Huan
1+ Team Members
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"Flowers Will Rot" is the official music video for the first single from Tamara Qaddoumi's Debut EP Dustbathing.
The Concept

"Dustbathing" is what animals do when no water is available. They have to adapt. They roll in dust, dry earth or sand, with the purpose of removing parasites from their fur, feathers or skin.

Tamara's EP is about her relationship with her multicultural background (Palestinian, Lebanese and Scottish) and about trying to find her place in the Kuwaiti desert where she grew up.

Our approach for this music video was to create a journey through an ever evolving illustrated world that symbolizes the artist's inner world and feelings. A world that is formed by a mix of abstract and literal imagery. The story came together using a bird as the thread that leads and connects the film. The birds travels in and out of the frame, interacts with the backgrounds and in general leads the narrative. Below are a few storyboard pages, studies, and styleframes.

The Production

Tamara sent us a video reference that we liked. It involved animated photo cut outs. But when we got to listening to the song more and more and thinking deeper about the project, we felt it needed something more organic. It was all about the flow of the visuals unfolding along with the languorous song. We felt we needed cel animation and a mix of abstract designs and character scenes.

We contacted Director/Animator Pablo Lozano with whom we had previously collaborated. Pablo is a great cell animator and designer. He was the right person to bring the idea to life. His strong cell animation and design skills would be the perfect fit to get the mix of abstract and character based scenes to life.

We discussed the song and its themes extensively with Tamara and Pablo, exchanging questions, answers and reference visuals until we found a style we felt best fits the song.

Things went smoothly from then on. We went through the storyboard, styleframes, animatic and animation phases with very minimal feedback.


We are from Lebanon and Cel animation projects originating from our part of the world are very rare. Even more so when they are heavily based on design and don't use traditional storytelling.

We are very fortunate that Tamara was receptive to the direction and visuals we chose and that Pablo did such a great job at directing and animating the video.

Tamara Qaddoumi
Pablo Lozano Director/Animator
Pamela Farhat Creative Director/Producer
Michel Doumit Creative Director/Producer
Mattias Breitholtz Additional Animation
Yino Huan Additional Animation
Tamara Qaddoumi Music
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