Graphic Design

Maya Goes to the City

The Mill
Frederic Planchon
Production Company
Ben Priest
Neil Davies
Alex Hammond
32+ Team Members
The mill and Adam&EveDDB created a 100% photo-real CG orangutan for renewable energy company SSE.
The Concept

SSE wanted a photo-real CG orangutan that would find herself in the city for the first time. The goal was to capture Maya's journey as she experiences energy and all the amazing things light, heat and sound enable us to do in our lives.

The Production

Over 10 months, the production team created a 100% photo-real CG orangutan that was seamlessly composited into a live action environment.

The team started with motion capture using an actor to get a general idea of the shot and movements for the animators.
In addition to motion capture of the actor, the team had to study documentaries of the orangutans to get an idea of the proper mechanics.
Studying documentaries helped the animators grasp little cues such as eye and facial movements.
The team hand sculpted all the wrinkles and lines into the texture to make Maya as realistic as possible.
Animators would take a rig and then animate through the shot.
In post process, muscles were added to the rig, then skin and hair to make Maya as anatomically correct as possible.

The Mill and Adam&EveDDB created an extremely realistic orangutan that allowed captured the journey and interaction SSE wanted Maya to have with the energy and environment.

Making of Video
Frederic Planchon Director
Production Company The Mill/ Academy
Ben Priest Executive Creative Director
Neil Davies Executive Creative Director/ Shoot Supervisor
Alex Hammond 3D Lead Artist/ Shoot Supervisor
Ben Sharpe Producer
James Gillham Creative
Graham Cappi Creative
Paul Billingsley Business Director
Lucy Gossage Producer
Sam Rice-Edwards Editor
Beth Vander Senior VFX Producer
Hitesh Patel Shoot Supervisor
Jorge Montiel 3D Lead Artist
Leo Costa 2D Artist
Gianluca dI Marco 2D Artist
Gary Driver 2D Artist
Sam Driscoll 3D Artist
Dan Moore 3D Artist
Peter Agg 3D Artist
Michael Balthazart 3D Artist
Amaan Akram 3D Artist
Rebecca Ferguson 3D Artist
Daniel Kmet 3D Artist
Philippe Moine 3D Artist
Paul Classens 3D Artist
Jimmy Glass 3D Artist
Sergio Xisto 3D Artist
Gareth Bell 3D Artist
Melanie Climent Matte Painting
Can Y Sanaian Matte Painting
Ashley Tyas Motion Graphics
Luke Colson Executive Producer
Ross Urien Print
Matthew Ivin Print
Kylie Milne Print
Rosemary Eve Print
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