Graphic Design

Space Comics

Tamás Baranya
Space Comics is a personal project of mine, focused on creating a consistent art style, that is suitable to theme and storytelling. The other main goal was to create unusual imagery by telling stories of a crew, whose lives gradually descend into horror as they travel further in space, to discover uncharted star systems.
The Concept

Creation of a comic in the footsteps of classic stories of space discovery, like Star Trek, but with a dash of horror influenced by Alien, Event Horizon and Dead Space.
The graphical style was to be lighter, cartoonish, not suggestive of the later themes creating a contrast between theme and design.
I didn't do any real storyboarding, as my method usually is to write a loose synopsis ,some key events and scenes and make up the real body of work as I go along, since some of the best ideas come as I work on the individual panels.

This is a 3D model of the vessel, Dragonfly. I was aiming for a simple, lo-fi, well recognizable design.
Some initial drawings of the crew.
Sketches of figures and the space suit design.
A conceptual sketch of a figure, while I was still unsure of the main themes and execution.
Character sheet sketch.
The Production

I usually start sketching in Artrage. In this case I did most of the work in it, I used Photoshop only to edit the pages and text. For the majority of the environments, I used simple 3D models created in Sketchup and detailed them later in the drawing process. I used to make simple sketches for each panel, and used them later as a base for the final illustration. The last stage of each page was placing and editing the text.

3D base for the illustration, with a transformed crew member.
Screenshot from Artrage, while I was working on the crew page.
The woman planet stripped from shading, showing only flats. When I work on personal projects, I usually don't name the layers, until I can remember what they are.
Page process image.
Process image. I usually go panel by panel.
3D model positioned for drawing.

The completed pages of this project.

personal project
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