Graphic Design


Rama Allen
Chris Palazzo
Danielle Amaral
The Mill
Andreas Berner
The Mill+ was brought on to help create a dynamic visual tale in a title sequence for the upcoming OFFF festival.
The Concept

Inspired by a culture’s rich history of storytelling, the title of the piece, ‘Skazka’, roughly translates to “that which is told” in Russian.

The team decided to have titles created using ’traditional’ human input to define much of the animation. Real world elements were to be mapped and projected into the virtual world.
And the story to be told through these animations was one of the collaborative process and the strength we gain from it.
A real time interactive companion experience where visitors could have the opportunity to draw and impact the animation themselves would be created in the form of a microsite.
The Production

Although the piece was built from sophisticated digital tools, analog processes inspired the aesthetic of the video.

The typography is all hand painted and then re-interpreted in 3D.
Much of the ‘effects’ and textures are built from experiments shot with various inks and pigments.
The roots of the work were in the live liquid-light shows pioneered in the 1960′s.
The art director experimented with different chemical and visual reactions using vials, petrie dishes and eye-droppers. The team found some beautifully violent, oozy, primordial combinations.
The dancer animations are all from motion capture of two dancers the team worked with to create animalistic shapes and tribal movements. The team was able to recreate their movements in the figures seen flowing and weaving through the abstract landscapes.
The piece was told through the choreography of two beings that discover each other, dance together to create, collide in a moment of conflict, then find their way through the conflict to become even stronger partners once again.

Like may epic tales told throughout time, the final narrative featured the never-ending cycles of love and hate, and creation and destruction, showing the parallels between ‘making’ partnerships and romantic partnerships.

Making of Video
OFFF St. Petersburg
Rama Allen Creative Director
Chris Palazzo Art Director
Danielle Amaral Executive Producer
The Mill Editing, Post-Production / VFX
Andreas Berner Technical Director
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