Graphic Design

Sing It Kitty

Chris Allen
Bill McNamara
Luke Tipping, Chris Lapham & Aaron McGurk
Tim Maurice-Jones
Jake Mengers
MPC, W+K and Traktor team up to create this rock & roll kitty for a 3 Mobile campaign that celebrates the power of sharing silly stuff.
The Concept

The ad is set to Starship’s eighties power anthem, ‘We Built This City’, and turns a shared moment between a young girl and her adorably cute pet kitten into an epic and emotion-filled journey.

The Production

A real cat, Bronte, was cast from a litter of rare flat-faced kittens, selected based on his colouring and relaxed personality. MPC’s 3D team elected to cast the cat ahead of developing a digital double of Bronte for the final spot, in order to have the perfect reference for his movement and look.

The first step for the 3D team was to develop a detailed model of Bronte using 3D software. A rig was then put in place, setting up the bone structure and muscle systems. As the real Bronte has fur with substantial depth, the team studied the hairless Sphynx breed joints, as their shoulder blades and wrists can be easily seen.
During the shoot, the VFX team was on hand to capture lighting conditions and measurements to be replicated later in the studio. A 3D model of the entire environment was re-created, to ensure all the conditions of the shoot were replicated before Bronte was composited into the shots.
For the final render MPC used the proprietary software tool Furtility to develop Bronte’s fur, perfectly capturing the dynamics and depth of the real cat.
Making of Video
Chris Allen VFX Producer
Bill McNamara VFX Supervisor
Luke Tipping, Chris Lapham & Aaron McGurk Creatives
Tim Maurice-Jones DoP
Jake Mengers 3D Creative Director
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