Graphic Design

Save the French Fry
Emmanuel Lalleve
Florent Imbert
Therese Jonsson
Renaud Arnaud
Linnea Kavsjo
18+ Team Members was approached by Marcel Agency in Paris to produce three films for Tefal called Save the French Fry.
The Concept

The concept was to introduce poor Freddie, an anthropomorphic French fry whom has been branded as mere junk food all his life and is determined to right this injustice. Director Julien Faure started working on the style frames and storyboard, bringing to life a French Fry in a live action world.

The Production

The team first shot all the live action backgrounds on location. Then, went into a studio to shoot the actor who would play Freddie in motion capture.

On set during initial production
The fake Fry for the shoot
The Fry on set
In the kitchen
Motion Capture Make Up
The real Freddie getting ready
Motion Capture Shoot - To get the best results, the team included facial, hands and fingers motion capture to get as much information as possible.
The rest of the film was done in post production (see motion capture dots).
Building the 3D fry

The final films had the right mix of humor and empathy. By carrying over the same character into each film, the team was able to build upon the 'Freddie' storyline.

Final Films
Making of Video
Emmanuel Lalleve Executive Creative Director
Florent Imbert Executive Creative Director
Therese Jonsson Art Director
Renaud Arnaud Art Director
Linnea Kavsjo Copyrwiter
Elodie Jonquille Tv Producer Production Company
Julien Faure Director
James Hagger Executive Producer
Cécile Alvarez Production Manager:
Clara Lainé Production Assistant
Thomas Bidart 1st Assistant Director
Sebastien Gonon Director of Photography
Mocaplab Motion Capture
Remi Brun Motion Capture Shoot Directoor
Frank Vayssettes Motion Capture Supervisor
Digital District Post-Production
Peggy Tavenne Post-Producer
Vincent Leroy Post-Producer
Arnaud Leviez VFX Supervisor
Guillaume Boutin Editor
Dîner au Motel Sound Design
Robert Hoehn Actor
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