Graphic Design

Before Anything Else

Ars Thanea
Peter Jaworowski
Karol Kolodzinski
Karol Klonowski
Szymon Swietochowski
Bartosz Cerkaski
1+ Team Members
Soccer is arguably the biggest sport in the world and team loyalties run thicker than blood, a concept that comes into play in São-Paulo Football Club's latest ads by Ars Thanea.
The Concept

Ars Thanea was approached by Young & Rubicam Sao Paulo to produce two key visuals for their "Before Anything Else, São-Paulino" campaign. In case you're not familiar, são-paulino is the term used for fans of the team and for them, soccer is life. The concept for the ads was to show a são-paulino tearing away his skin to reveal a São-Paulo Football Club jersey.

Key visual #1 concept sketch
Key visual #2 concept sketch
The Production

To achieve the unusual effect of very realistic skin tearing away Ars Thanea combined photography, creative retouching and CGI techniques.

Model utilizing a prop to create a realistic pose while capturing maximum definition in physique.
Torn clothing works as a visual reference for the torn skin effect.
Photoshop layer masking is used to composite the photography.
CGI techniques are used to add lighting effects and the team uniform.

By combining photography, Photoshop compositing and CGI effects, we were able to produce the two key visuals for the campaign.

Key visual #1
Key visual #2
SPFC + Y&R Sao Paulo
Peter Jaworowski Executive Creative Director
Karol Kolodzinski Art Director & Digital Artist
Karol Klonowski Digital Artist
Szymon Swietochowski Photographer
Bartosz Cerkaski Photo Session Manager
Marcin Molski Production Director
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