Graphic Design

The Curved Experiment

State Interactive + MPC + Great Works
Nathan Price
Monty Verdi
Micky Tudor
State Interactive teams up with Great Works and Important Looking Pirates to build a cross-screen experiment that transports users to the Coliseum giving them a front row seat at a gladiator match.
The Concept

The challenge was to build an online experiment using CSS, WebGL and HTML5 that allows you to extend your computer screen through your mobile device and explore the Coliseum in 180 degrees.

The creative team, including art director Monty Verdi and copywriter Micky Tudor, came up with the idea of a gladiatorial coliseum, in which a father and son find themselves surrounded by a baying crowd at the heart of the arena.
The Production

The projects started with building the environment, the Coliseum, and loads of assets. Then came the lighting setup that would enable a large team to simultaneously develop gladiators, pillars and tons of props.

CHI joined forces with MPC's pioneering technology and engineering departments to help create the Coliseum.
MPC’s VFX team, led by Franck Lambertz and Carsten Keller, extended the purpose built coliseum, replicated the braying crowd and created the wide shot completely in CG
With the Coliseum footage created, the task of building the OpenGL environment was handed over to Great Works.
Each animation was rendered on a separate "card", put in the scene, then exported as a png sequence.
In order to get the best quality for the least image size, the team used texture sequences based on sprite sheets.
The site's engine consisted of a wavefront obj-file parser, WebGL boilerplate, a simple scene where objects can be added, a simple object that connects texture, shader and triangle buffers into a single object and animated texture support

The final piece created an immersive experience packed with gladiator battles, cheerful audience, hidden events as well as an opportunity to win a Samsung UHDTV. <a href="" target="_blank">

Click to visit website
"Coliseum" 60 sec. spot. Created by Chi & Partners for the launch of the world's first curved UHD television
Making of Video
Nathan Price Director
Monty Verdi Creative Director
Micky Tudor Copywriter
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