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TBWA Paris
Anne Vincent
Laure Lagarde
Isabelle Dray
Bertin Leblanc
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Directed by Onur Senturk and co-produced by and One More, Pens is a full CG film shot in motion capture that epitomises the potential of each signature in the defense of human rights.
The Concept

Inspired by Pin Art, the concept was to recount a violation of human rights upon a canvas composed of ballpoint pens. The objective was to employ this imagery to create a universal representation of the potential of every signature in Amnesty International's petition campaigns that seek save lives and liberate the wrongly-imprisoned.

Storyboard Sample for Amnesty International - Pens.
Concept Design for Amnesty International - Pens.
The Production

After shooting the characters in motion capture, Mocaplab processed the data whilst One More created 3D characters and environments. These were animated and integrated into a matrix composed entirely of up to 500,000 pens. With every shot requiring a unique number of pens in the matrix, many test renders were required in order to establish an ideal readability and the desired emotion to convey.

Motion Capture Shoot Director Remi Brun preparing actor Frank Pech for motion capture shooting.
A more delicate sequence to shoot as mocap can struggle to process more than three actors at a time.
Visualising motion capture footage during shooting.
Once captured, data is then processed in order to animate assigned skeletons and skins.
An early render to test animated mocap in an environment.
A render to visualise the animation on a 3D canvas.
Testing the matrix before integrating the pens.
Flame operator, Hervé Thouement, adds the finishing touches to the final film.
Amnesty International - Pens Behind the Scenes

The venture of bringing the initial concept to life took five months of methodical work through a variety of techniques. With the final film's unique aesthetic and poignant message, Amnesty International could communicate with the public about the core values.

Pens' Protagonist based on actor Romain Ogerau.
Police charging on peaceful protestors.
An example of lighting and texture on the pen matrix.
Close-up detail of pens.
Final Film: Amnesty International - Pens
Amnesty Int.
TBWA Paris Agency
Anne Vincent Vice President
Laure Lagarde Account Management
Isabelle Dray Account Management
Bertin Leblanc Client
Arnaud Humblot Client
Philippe Taroux Creative Director
Benoit Leroux Creative Director
Ingrid Varetz Art Director
Maxime Boiron Head of TV
Amer Zoghbi Agency Producer Production Company
Onur Senturk Director
James Hagger Producer
Aurélie Chevalier Production Manager
Cécile Alvarez Production Manager
Charles-Philippe Bowle Production Assistant
Thomas Bidart 1st Assistant Director
Mocaplab Motion Capture
Remi Brun Motion Capture Shoot Director
Frank Vaysettest Motion Capture Supervisor
Charles Fourgeront Motion Capture Editor
Ahmed Turki Motion Capture Assistant
Romain Ogerau Motion Capture Actor
Franck Pech Motion Capture Actor
Charles Lelaure Motion Capture Actor
One More Co-Producer & Post-Production
Benjamin Darras Post-Producer
Johnny Alves Art Director
John Meunier Post-Production Coordinator
Eddy Richard VFX Supervisor
François-Xavier Gonnet 3D Artist
Gwenhael Glon Modelling, Setup
Romain Durr Layout
Jérémie Vidal Animation
Jérome Rouvelet Layout, Lighting, Renders, Compositing
Thomas Rodriguez Layout, Lighting, Renders, Compositing
Tim Lebon Layout, Lighting, Renders, Compositing
Victor Besse Layout, Lighting, Renders, Compositing
Alain Xerri R&D Supervisor
Nicolas Larrouquère Editor
Romain Bouileau Additional Editing
Hervé Thouement Flame Operator
Paolo Nutini Music
Philippe Mineur Music Art Direction
Ferdinand Huet Music Art Direction
Benoit Dunaigre Sound Producer
Olivier Lefebvre Head of Music & Sound
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