Complete Protection

Skunk LA and MPC NY
Production Company
Chris Hayek
Perry Fair
Jeremy Jones
25+ Team Members
J.M. 7 8 P.T. 6 V.M.H. 8 Creative 7.3 J.M. 7 7 P.T. 8 V.M.H. 7 Design 7.3 J.M. 7 6 P.T. 7 V.M.H. 7 Craft 6.8 J.M. 7 7 P.T. 7 V.M.H. 7.3 Total 7.1
MPC NY collaborated with Skunk and JWT Atlanta to create a new campaign for Pennzoil in which a Maserati drives through a series of 3D animations projected onto moving gas vapor clouds.
The Concept

For the debut of the product, the team wanted to create a campaign as innovative as the Pennzoil Platinum synthetic oil itself. The team explored the concept of projecting 3D animation onto real vapor that the car would drive through, ultimately merging with a gas projected Maserati. This final piece would represent the body and soul of the care merging, achieving "Complete Protection".

The Production

The project took almost a year to produce and included 3D animations projected onto vapor clouds, tightly choreographed with live-action elements and captured in camera using motion control.

Prior to shooting, MPC created CG elements such as this fuel nozzle.
Motion control cameras were used to capture repeatable camera movement that would be used with the live-action car.
The camera team built a specialized rig for the projector to move alongside the motion control system.
The most difficult part of the project were creating the vapor columns. A special effects team used moveable fog rigs and fans placed in precise locations and projected CG animation on to them.
Using real vapor gave the ad a visual richness that can not be achieved via particle simulation.

The team successfully created a beautiful visual journey and commercial as innovative as the product debut.

Pennzoil - "Complete Protection"
30-second fully CG "Gas to Bottle" spot directed by MPC creative that follows the curves that form the bottle, similar to the vapor car.
Making of Video
Production Company Skunk LA
Chris Hayek Global Brand Director
Perry Fair Chief Creative Officer
Jeremy Jones Creative Director
Dustin Tamilio Creative Director
Troy Levenaar Senior Copywriter
Chrissy Lucas Senior Producer
Chris Hooper Group Account Director
Erin McGivney Account Director
James Robbins Senior Planner
Dan McGuire Account Supervisor
Michael Dezuso Planning Director
Raf Wathion Director
Fred Vrancken Line Producer
Shelly Townsend Executive Producer
Nicolas Karakatsanis Director of Photography
David Estis Creative Director
Tim Dillon Executive Producer
John Skeffington Senior Producer
Ashley Bernes VFX Supervisor
Evan Schoonmaker 2D Lead
Sang Lee VFX Team
Gigi Ng VFX Team
Carl Fong VFX Team
Jonathan McKee VFX Team
Kevin Lu VFX Team
Chris Bernier VFX Team
Ty Coyle VFX Team
Andrew Montague VFX Team
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