Graphic Design

Rhythm Jerk

The Mill
Carl Addy
Alan Boorman
Roberto Bagatti
Anna Caregnato
Carlos Carrasco
2+ Team Members
MTV and The Mill collaborated on this fully CGI spot ‘Rhythm Jerk’, which features five 'pop-up' toy characters dancing, collapsing and jerking to some amazing music.
The Concept

The idea for the spot was based on the observation that an impulsive movement or 'jerk' spreads through every part of the body like a domino effect. It spreads quickly affecting everyone and everything it touches. The Mill spent weeks brainstorming on character ideas, with a number of hilarious creations that didn't quite make the cut and then had some signed off on only to be replaced with an even more ridiculous character. In the end it was Metal Dude, Weather Man, Bangle Gal, Bananamana and Sumo that made it through to the final spot.

Character design process.
Initial sketches and final render.
The Production

Once The Mill had decided on which characters should be featured, they began to work on a pre-visual animation to start timing out the edits and cuts of how the characters would move and dance. The animation started as a dynamic, natural movement but The Mill quickly realized that each character needed irregular movements so they could be synced with the audio. Characters were built in Maya to look like vinyl toys. Mari was then used to add texture and unique defects like scratches to the characters.

Pre-visualized animation.
Large-scale animation for the spot.
Each character was refined multiple times until MTV and The Mill were satisfied.
Animation was keyed in so the characters ‘jerk’ with the beat.

Designed and directed by The Mill, 'Rhythm Jerk' shows five bespoke designed 'pop-up' toy characters dancing, collapsing and jerking to some amazing, specifically composed dance music.

MTV's Rhythm Jerk.
Making of Video
Carl Addy Director
Alan Boorman Music & Sound Design
Roberto Bagatti Creative Director
Anna Caregnato Associate Creative Director
Carlos Carrasco Art Director
Luke Colson Executive Producer
Cristina Mazzocca & Sophie Hogg Producer
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