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Joe Sill & Andreas Attai
Joe Sill
James Khabushani & RJ Collins
Arjun Prakash
Mattan Cohen
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This week we take a look at an impressive homemade spot from a young team of recent college graduates, EVERDREAM.
The Concept

Andreas, a recent grad from Berkeley with a background in copywriting and Joe, a recent Chapman grad whose background is in film production teamed up to create the concept for this extraterrestrial themed TESLA commercial. With a common appreciation for Tesla and the Model S the two decided there was an obvious opportunity to take on the uncharted territory of a TESLA commercial.

While Andreas wrote the copy Joe brandished a visual treatment.
The Production

With the use of a family friend’s home and Model S they shot the spot in one 12-hour day. Managing to piece together a 15-person crew, which consisted entirely of colleagues from school.

To keep the budget low they considered shooting with the Canon5d MKIII and other DSLR comparisons, but decided to go with the BlackMagic Cinema Camera, which gave them a more dynamic range with its RAW capabilities.
Arjun Prakash the DP, gave the shoots an amazing production value with just the single Arri light kit, a limited amount of black wrap and simple gel and diffusion kit.
The project was edited in Final Cut Pro and composited in After Effects – using a combination of stock footage and particle effects through Trapcode’s Particular, Shine, Video Copilote’s Optical Flares, and various Sapphire plugins.
After the editing and FX where finished, they went into color correction, sound design and music composition. With musical references from Michael Giacchino’s Star Trek and John Williams’ E.T. they powered out a one-minute score in two weeks with help from Mattan Cohen and topped it off with futuristic sounds effects with the help of Erin Hoehn.

With a budget of only $1,500 and a ton of favors from friends and family, this 30-second project shows the potential of what a dedicated team can accomplish using the right tools and creativity.

Making of Video
Joe Sill & Andreas Attai Concept & Story
Joe Sill Editing & Compositing
James Khabushani & RJ Collins Producers
Arjun Prakash DP & Cinematographer
Mattan Cohen Original Music
Eric Hoehn Sound Design
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