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Make It Sound FAT

Make it Sound FAT
Romwald BOGUN
Sébastien BARON
Aurélien COVA
2+ Team Members
Make it Sound FAT is a graduation short created by a group of 7 students while attending "Bellecour Ecoles d'Art" school in France. It was made over approximately a 9 months period. The film is their final year project. They wanted to "have fun during the year of production and make an original student short."
The Concept

The concept was developed by Romwald Bogun. The story goes... A musician and island dweller, who was tempted by the call of a mysterious box of donuts, finds himself on the clouds. He started playing with a cloud orchestra and disturbed weather.

Environment Development
Character development
Character development and interaction
Final character sketches
The Production

It took 9 months from start to finish. Each student had a specialized area that they worked on. See credits below for students roles.

Character development from Sketch to 3D model
Character development from Sketch to 3D model
This is a video of Edward Little Olive. Edward is a conductor renowned in the world of clouds. His name "Little Olive" comes from the fact that with his round belly and black jacket, he looks like a small olive. He leads his band with handle cloud and is therefore responsible for the weather. The only thing that can make him release his wand is what he calls his "little treat" pastries Lumpy's Princess Cake.
Environmental stills
Environmental stills
Character stills

The final video was a colorful, beautiful piece of art -- a great example of visual storytelling.

Making of Video
Bellecour Ecoles
Romwald BOGUN Art Direction / Co-Scriptwriting / Concept Art / Modeling / Surfacing / Lighting / FX / Compositing
Sébastien BARON Co-Direction / Modeling / Surfacing / Lighting / Compositing
Romain TINTURIER Co-Direction / Animation / Layout / FX / Modeling
Aurélien COVA Co-Direction / Co-Scriptwriting / Rigging / Skinning / Animation / Modeling / Surfacing
Pauline LELARGE Co-Direction / Modeling / Surfacing / Animation
Jorris MINJOLLET Co-Direction / Animation / Layout / Modeling
Quentin LEBASTARD Co-Direction / Animation / Layout / Modeling
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