Graphic Design

Lexus CT 200h Commercial Campaign

The Famous Group
Joel Lava
Andrew Isaacson
Jesse Austin, Hemu Karadkar
The Famous Group was instrumental in launching the marketing campaign for the brand new Lexus CT200h hybrid, creating 3 unique spots mixing live action cinematography with new CG technology.
The Concept

Agency Walter Isaacson turned to Famous, who delivered every aspect of the project including creative concepting, cg, live action, editorial and finishing. Famous won the project by enticing Lexus with an in-depth storyline and detailed concept art.

Detailed storyboards and concept art helped Famous win over Lexus for the project
Sketching of the Lexus Cube World
The Production

With concepts approved, three 30 sec. spots were created simultaneously beginning in the animatic phase. A constant flow of CG graphics sent to the editor allowed creative to hone in on perfect storytelling and provide a quick turnaround.

To help with expediting the project, animatics where sent to the editors to use in Final Cut Pro while awaiting final renders from the 3D department
To create a more photo realistic car they turned to Dan Abram's and his proprietary software, "The Light Kit"
This new render technology is based on physical lighting calculations and was used for the first time in a commercial
Live action footage of actors where used for the car's interior cabin shots
The live action footage was then color corrected with additional effects and added into the overall scene

The Famous Groups' philosophy was to run the entire job like a live action production by bringing in the right talent and equipment. Directly following the campaign launch, the CT200h was the fastest selling vehicle with an average shelf life of 6 days on the lot. The 3 spots won a combined 7 Telly Awards for VFX and Art Direction.

Lexus CT 200h Commercial Spot 1 - "Escape"
Lexus CT 200h Commercial Spot 2 - "Challenge"
Lexus CT 200h Commercial Spot 3 - "Forge"
Making of Video
Joel Lava Creative Director
Andrew Isaacson Executive Producer
Jesse Austin, Hemu Karadkar Art Directors
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