Kung Fury

Fido Studio
GMUNK 10 R.V. 7 P.T. 10 V.M.H. 9.5 J.M. 10 M.P. 9 G.R. 10 F.A. 9 D.B. 10 A.J. 10 Creative 9.5 GMUNK 10 R.V. 8 P.T. 10 V.M.H. 10 J.M. 10 M.P. 9 G.R. 10 F.A. 9.5 D.B. 9 A.J. 10 Design 9.6 GMUNK 10 R.V. 9 P.T. 10 V.M.H. 10 J.M. 10 M.P. 8.5 G.R. 10 F.A. 9.5 D.B. 9 A.J. 10 Craft 9.6 GMUNK 10 R.V. 8 P.T. 10 V.M.H. 9.8 J.M. 10 M.P. 8.8 G.R. 10 F.A. 9.3 D.B. 9.3 A.J. 10 Total 9.5
Fido collaborated with Director David Sandberg to complete the digital effects found in the Kung Fury short film and “True Survivor” music video with David Hasselhoff. The music video flows with the Kung Fury movie in which a renegade cop uses his exceptional Kung Fu skills to uphold law and order before embarking upon a time travel adventure that involves both Vikings and dinosaurs.
The Concept

Inspired by the glorious action movies of the VHS heydey, the video includes all those things we associate with the 80s, like a Lamborghini Countach and Kung Fu kicks - but with added zaniness of evil Nazis, time travel and some Viking babes with lots of firepower.

Initial sketches and script
The Production

In all, Fido produced about 90% of all VFX in the "Kung Fury" short film – that's over 400 effects shots! These effects included the eight shots created for the David Hasselhoff ‘True Survivor’ accompanying music video.”

The film is loaded with hundreds of 80s-tinged VFX shots, comprising everything from green screen compositing to characters riding atop a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
BTS Shoot 1
During post-production, Sandberg and his team moved into the studio to help guide the project to its final mind-blowing state.
The film’s shots and effects were changed and reimagined throughout production. Fido relied heavily on ftrack to keep the team adaptable in the face of ever-changing production demands.
Ftrack allowed the team to see projects from macro and micro levels alike. It allowed the studio to use multiple artists without wasting large amounts of time and kept everyone updated on feedback and instructions.
This Music Video VFX Breakdown was called "The Mayhem Shot". Fido created the ultimate David Hasselhoff shot by adding lots of different layers, green screen footage and digital effects to one single shot.
VFX Breakdown "Arcade Street"
VFX Breakdown of the "Cop slice" shots in Kung Fury
Another breakdown clip from the Arcade Street sequence in Kung Fury.

The Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $630,000 helped a total of 46 people work on Kung Fury during the seven-month production process, which concluded in April 2015. The final result is an over-the-top “30-minute roller-coaster filled with action, humor and VFX” and the “True Survivor” music video that is a blend of VHS visuals and pounding Eighties synths.

Official "True Survivor" music video
Kung Fury Official Video
David Hasselhoff "True Survivor" commentary
Making of Video
Laser Unicorns
David Sandberg Director/Writer Cameron Scott VFX Supervisor Matilda Olsson VFX Producer Claes Dietmann VFX Executive Producer Anders Singstedt VDX Production Manager
Johan Gabrielsson Lead Lighting TDs
Filip Orrby Lead Lighting TDs
Daniel Norlund Compositing Leads
Tomas Naslund Compositing Leads
Nils Lagergen VFX Pre-Production Breakdown
Kaj Steveman VFX Pre-Production Breakdown
Eva Akergen VFX Pre-Production Breakdown
Erik Johansson Pipeline Engineer
Thomas Eriksson Systems Administrator
Alexander Eriksson VFX Artist
Anders Nyman VFX Artist
Cameron Scott VFX Artist
Carlos Correia VFX Artist
Chris Judkins VFX Artist
Daniel Norlund VFX Artist
David Enbom VFX Artist
David Nelin VFX Artist
Egil Eskilsson VFX Artist
Erika Johansson VFX Artist
Filip Orrby VFX Artist
Fredrik Hoglin VFX Artist
Fredrik Olsson VFX Artist
Gustav Alexandersson VFX Artist
Janak Thakker VFX Artist
Joakim Eriksson VFX Artist
Joakim Olsson VFX Artist
Johan Gabrielsson VFX Artist
Jonas Lindfors VFX Artist
Jonas Manell VFX Artist
Jonathan Skifs VFX Artist
Karl Rydhe VFX Artist
Klas Trulsson VFX Artist
Kristian Liven VFX Artist
Kristian Rydberg VFX Artist
Kristian Zarins VFX Artist
Laura Andersen VFX Artist
Magnus Eriksson VFX Artist
Martin Borell VFX Artist
Mattias Sandelius VFX Artist
Mattias Snygg VFX Artist
Niklas Lundgren VFX Artist
Rickard Engvist VFX Artist
Rodrigo Vivedes VFX Artist
Sandra Scholz VFX Artist
Staffan Linder VFX Artist
Stefan Lagerstam VFX Artist
Sven Ahlstrom VFX Artist
Teo Mathlein VFX Artist
Tomas Naslund VFX Artist
Viktor Andersson VFX Artist
Zebastian Lilja VFX Artist
Max Wikdahl VFX Artist
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