Graphic Design

Kill the Habit

Danny Robashkin
Mike P. Nelson
Andrew Chesworth, Justin Weber, Aaron Quist, Chang Dai, Alec Mueller, Michelle Yoon, Josh Schneider
Aaron Dabelow
Justin Weber, Josh Clos, Chang Dai, Alec Mueller
MAKE combined live action and 2D hand-drawn characters in these public service announcements for QuitSmoking. The spots were conceptualized, directed, and animated in-house at MAKE.
The Concept

The spots were produced completely in-house at MAKE. The idea started with the desire to do a 2D animation interaction with real actors in an interview setting. Using the infamous anti-smoking slogan, ‘Monkey on your back’ as a base, they went on to write the two spots trying to maintain a feeling of fun with splashes of humor, yet still hit the mark that smoking will kill.

Detailed storyboard for the spot "Kill the Habit".
The Production

Integrating live action with 2D animation was a huge challenge. If the actor shifted, they had to anticipate the monkey’s movement. MAKE utilized props and people to represent the 2D monkeys while filming. Storyboards were key to figuring out the exact moves with the animators prior to the shoot. It took 3 days to shot and was animated using Photoshop.

Both spots were filmed on a greenscreen. Props were used to get the right reaction from the actors.
A prop that represented a turkey was dropped and a wet sponge gave the impression of the monkey's tongue.
Multiple people and hands represented the monkey's hands and feet.
In Photoshop the 2D drawings were placed into the scene.
Finally the foreground and background were added in.

Live action and 2D hand-drawn animation were combined to create these two spots for QuitSmoking. Each spot was created in-house at MAKE and gives a realistic view of the infamous line “it’s like having a monkey on your back”.

Kill the Habit
Drop the Habit
Making of Video
Danny Robashkin Creative Director
Mike P. Nelson Copywriter/Director/Producer
Andrew Chesworth, Justin Weber, Aaron Quist, Chang Dai, Alec Mueller, Michelle Yoon, Josh Schneider Animators
Aaron Dabelow 3D Artist
Justin Weber, Josh Clos, Chang Dai, Alec Mueller Puppeteers
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