Graphic Design


Nexus + Analog + Weiden & Kennedy
Alan Smith & Adam Foulkes
Mike Merron
Simon Reeves, Tim Woods
Arvid Niklasson, Stuart Turnball, Todd Daniele
Fabio Zaveti
3+ Team Members
Nexus Productions together with Analog and Wieden + Kennedy launched a new Honda spot celebrating the brand’s 65 year engineering history.
The Concept

The concept started with the idea of showing Honda’s inventions thought the eyes of a super engineer. The spot hones-in on a pair of hands that manipulate pint-sized models of famous Honda products, magically transforming them from one form to another.

Storyboard showing how hands are used to transform objects.
The Production

The project started with making 3D models that would be used for filming. This gives real contact shadows, finger pressure, and tracking. Models were also created in CG and swapped out in Nuke during post-production. The big challenge to the project was the tracking that was required to make the transition between object smooth and unnoticeable. Mari helped with the finishing touches like textures, lighting, and shadows.

Props used for filming and CG models that will eventually replace them.
A Honda engineer's hands were used in the spot to give authenticity.
Props where used for placement, shadows, and finger pressure.
After the CG model was inserted the thumb need to be added back into the frame using Nuke.
Props were replaced with CG models and then fine tuned in Mari.
CG confetti and spoke were added into the final spot.

The finished spot “Hands” showcase Honda's 65 year legacy in one of the most fascinating ways you can imagine.

Honda's "Hands"
Making of Video
Alan Smith & Adam Foulkes Director (Nexus)
Mike Merron VFX Supervisor (Analog)
Simon Reeves, Tim Woods Senior 3D Artists (Analog)
Arvid Niklasson, Stuart Turnball, Todd Daniele 3D Artists (Analog)
Fabio Zaveti Compositing Supervisor (Analog)
Tony Davidson & Kim Papworth Creative Directors (Weiden & Kennedy)
Chris Lapham & Aaron McGurk Copywriter & Art Director (Weiden & Kennedy)
James Guy Producer (Weiden & Kennedy)
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