Graphic Design

Heroes & Generals Launch Trailer

Territory Studio
Guy Nisbett
Sam Hart
Marcus Domleo
Graham Dance
Peter Eszenyi
34+ Team Members
Territory’s live action and VFX teams were brought on to create a launch trailer for the online PC game Heroes & Generals, developed by Reto-Moto.
The Concept

The pre-production work included scene writing, storyboarding, previs and casting.

The Production

The one-day green-screen shoot included a cast of 10 actors using stunt wires and hand-to-hand combat techniques.

Production took a crew of 20, authentic wardrobe, armory and set design, and was shot at 240fps on the Sony F55 and Furio dolly.
The post work included 3D modeling, explosion simulation, editing, keying, rotoscoping, compositing, grading, logo design and animation, and sound design.

The final trailer was action-packed and made the viewer feel they were actually in the game scene depicted.

Making of Video
Guy Nisbett Director
Sam Hart VFX Producer
Marcus Domleo DoP
Graham Dance Art Director
Peter Eszenyi VFX Supervisor
David Sheldon-Hicks Creative Director
Nik Hill Animator
Rachel Chu, Chris Cousins, Peter Eszenyi CGI
Cristina Casanova, Emanuele Crivellari
Daniel Højlund, Sam Keehan
 Motion GFX
Alex Flynn
 Storyboard Artist
Peter Pedrero
 Stunt Coordinator
Ryan Oliva, Jonathan Sharpe
 Stunt Actors
Jacob Anderson Game Director
Territory Studio Production Company
David Anders, Pablo Casillas Quian, and Lee Charles Cast
Jean-Paul Jesstiece, Ryan Oliva, and Ian Pead Cast
Peter Pedrero, Jonathan Sharpe, Pablo Verdejo, and Chris Webb Cast
Rawden DeFresnes
 Assistant Director
David Litchfield Focus Puller
Peter Childs
 Dolly Grip
Craig Davis, Ross Duffy Gaffers
Graham Dance Art Director
Chris Ford Art Assistant
Boo Attwood Lead Stylist
Sarah Mulindwa
 Stylist Assistant
Emma Watts, Cat Sillimen Hair & Make-up Artists
Armoury Supplies
Matt Robinson Unit Photographer
Matt Cole Data Wrangler
Carly Desantis
 Production Assistant
Daniel Frost Medic
Jesse Richards Lead Compositor
Daniel Højlund, Sam Keehan
Ryan Rafferty-Phelan, Angela Rinaldi Rotoscope Artists
Daniel Højlund Researcher
Jesper Kyd Music Composer
Nicolai Grønborg Sound Designer
James Locke-Hart Additional Sound Design
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