Grey Goo Game Trailer

V.M.H. 9 P.T. 9 M.S. 8.5 J.M. 9 Creative 8.9 V.M.H. 9.5 P.T. 9.2 M.S. 8.5 J.M. 9 Design 9.1 V.M.H. 9.5 P.T. 9 M.S. 9 J.M. 9.5 Craft 9.3 V.M.H. 9.3 P.T. 9.1 M.S. 8.7 J.M. 9.2 Total 9.1
Glasgow CGI studio Axis and director Dana Dorian were tasked with creating an epic new trailer for the realtime strategy game Grey Goo by Six Foot and Petroglyph.
The Concept

The Axis Animation team had access to 3D 'sketches' done by the Weta Workshop team. Using these, the Axis creative team started writing up short synopses for possible routes. The result was voicing the trailer from a single point of view, but not revealing the storyteller until the end.

Concept sketches for the environment and spaceships.
The Production

Axis Animation created all environments and human characters from scratch. Weta Workshop provided early 3D sketches as a starting point. The focus of the cutscenes were very much on the characters, this is where Axis put most of their 3D effort. Axis Animation followed their standard lighting and rendering workflow which includes Side Effects Houdini and its renderer Mantra.

Creature animation was developed using Beta characters from Weta Workshop. The Axis animation team added to the initial data.
Modelling was completed with Modo, Mari and Zbrush.
Texturing was done with Photoshop.

The final trailer uses assets from cutscenes. All of the animation, environments and FX work are completely unique. Everything was brought together in Blackmagic Design's Fusion compositing software.

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