Graphic Design

"Getaway Your Way" Disney Vacation Club Sweepstakes

Ars Thanea + Nomadic Agency
Peter Jaworowski
Karol Kolodzinski
Piotr Kolus
Piotr Nowacki, Anna Mierzejewska, Daniel Komuda
Krzysztof Roslan, Michal Lisowski, Patryk Habryn
Thanks to the success of Disney Cruise Line Adventures, Ars Thanea teamed up with Nomadic to create a Disney Vacation Club board game.
The Concept

To create the board game Nomadic started with concept sketches for each of the 5 Disney themed levels. These sketches gave insight into overall scale and camera angle for the game.

Online visual references were used for each level, as they are real world destinations Disney Vacation Club offers.
The Production

After researching Disney Vacation Club attractions, Ars Thanea starts the process with further concepting the details and color of each game level. These detailed concepts will provide a base for the 3D work that later is combined with stock photography and digital paintings.

Ars Thanea fine tunes the 5 Disney themed levels with adding detail and color.
Once completed the next step is to create each object and scene in 3DS Max.
Lighting is carefully adjusted using V-Ray to showcase all the Disney details
Touch ups and digital paintings in Photoshop help complete the highly detailed game levels

Once complete the five levels are turned into a virtual board game on the Disney Vacation Club website. Individuals have a chance to play and explore the game’s five immersive worlds, each with its own vacation landscape to navigate.

Overall game board.
Close ups show the amazing and carefully designed details.
Gameplay capture from Disney's "Getaway Your Way" sweepstakes
Making of Video
Disney Vacation Club
Peter Jaworowski Executive Creative Director
Karol Kolodzinski Art Director
Piotr Kolus Lead 3D Artist
Piotr Nowacki, Anna Mierzejewska, Daniel Komuda 3D Artists
Krzysztof Roslan, Michal Lisowski, Patryk Habryn Concept Artists
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