Graphic Design

Gas Pump Gumball Machine

Alex Tuma
A.J. 6 A.M. 65 D.B. 5 D.S.H. 4 F.A. 6 G.R. 7 J.S. 5 M.P. 6 P.K. 6 P.T. 5 Creative 11.5 A.J. 5 A.M. 5 D.B. 5 D.S.H. 6 F.A. 5 G.R. 6 J.S. 7 M.P. 6 P.K. 7 P.T. 6 Design 5.8 A.J. 6 A.M. 5 D.B. 5 D.S.H. 6 F.A. 6 G.R. 5 J.S. 5 M.P. 6 P.K. 7 P.T. 6 Craft 5.7 A.J. 5.7 A.M. 25 D.B. 5 D.S.H. 5.3 F.A. 5.7 G.R. 6 J.S. 5.7 M.P. 6 P.K. 6.7 P.T. 5.7 Total 7.7
This was a personal project that I decided to do for fun. I wanted to practice texturing and weathering a 3D model within Substance Painter, because I learnt some new techniques that I wanted to start practising and getting in to a routine of using.
The Concept

The gumball machine was 3D modelled off of this reference image.

reference image
The Production

Screenshots of the model in gray shaded views as well as a wireframe view of the model. UVing this model was very straightforward and allowed for a very clean layout.

Model + Wireframe

Final renders of the gumball machine. The first render is a non-weather render, then after that it is the weathered render.

Front New
Front Weathered
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