Ex Machina

Territory Studio
Alex Garland
Andrew MacDonald
Allon Reich
Mark Digby
Andrew Tapper
8+ Team Members
V.M.H. 7 P.T. 8.2 M.S. 8.5 J.M. 9.5 Creative 8.3 V.M.H. 6 P.T. 8.6 M.S. 8.5 J.M. 9 Design 8 V.M.H. 5.5 P.T. 8.5 M.S. 9 J.M. 9.5 Craft 8.1 V.M.H. 6.2 P.T. 8.4 M.S. 8.7 J.M. 9.3 Total 8.2
Territory were approached by Ex Machina’s Art department to design a series of credible ‘near future’ interface designs and schematics.
The Concept

Using designs from the art department and rough models from VFX house Dneg, Territory created a detailed series of technical schematics of the AI’s humanoid skeleton.

These complex diagrams were printed and used as engineering drawings on set, to help create a convincing technical construction studio environment.
Territory's schematic diagrams were used on-set to support the scene in which Nathan shows Caleb how the robot is constructed.
The Production

Territory’s team referenced modernist, functional and minimalist design, reflective of the clean cinematic and narrative style. A challenge when creating the OS designs was to reflect the logical and pure AI mindset, in contrast to the potentially complex and cluttered environment of human emotions.


With a brief to draw on current trends in OS design and programming, Territory created an operating system for the multi billionaire genius programmer who designed the AI.

Territory’s team distilled the research into a UI design style that focused on simplicity of form and information on the surface, with an underlying level of technical detail and code-based acumen that reflected the multilayered themes and agendas of the narrative.
Andrew Tapper, the graphic designer on the film art directed particular photography and images featuring as wallpapers on the screens, which echoed themes in the film.
Director Alex Garland felt that the UI needed to be anchored in reality and not push too far into sic-fi fantasy; hence the UX, Ui and code is based on current conventions and commands.
Universal City Studios Productions
Alex Garland Writer and Director
Andrew MacDonald Producer
Allon Reich Producer
Mark Digby Production Designer
Andrew Tapper Graphic Designer
David Sheldon-Hicks Creative Director Kelly Woodward Producer Peter Eszenyi UI Screens/ Schematics Marti Romances UI Screens Yugen Blake UI Screens
David Penn UI Screens
Syd Lawrence Phone Programming
Playback Compuhire
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