Hippie House
GMUNK 7.8 D.S.H. 8 J.S. 8.5 P.K. 7 V.M.H. 9 A.M. 7.5 J.M. 7.5 V.C. 8 C.H. 7 P.T. 7.8 Creative 7.8 GMUNK 7.8 D.S.H. 7 J.S. 8 P.K. 8 V.M.H. 8.5 A.M. 9 J.M. 8 V.C. 7.5 C.H. 7 P.T. 7.6 Design 7.8 GMUNK 7.5 D.S.H. 7 J.S. 7.5 P.K. 8 V.M.H. 8 A.M. 8 J.M. 7 V.C. 7.5 C.H. 7.5 P.T. 7.4 Craft 7.5 GMUNK 7.7 D.S.H. 7.3 J.S. 8 P.K. 7.7 V.M.H. 8.5 A.M. 8.2 J.M. 7.5 V.C. 7.7 C.H. 7.2 P.T. 7.6 Total 7.7
Disney Channel came to Hippie House looking for a Disney Halloween Refresh, they didn't want skulls, witches and mums. They wanted a Pop-Techno-Colorfull-Cool-Creepy Halloween. Yeap! They asked the agency to build a pop-halloween full of music and fun, without forgetting the Halloween Night feeling. A hard concept to work with, but they got cool results! Wo-hohohoho!
The Concept

The main concept asked by the client was to: Build a Halloween TECHNO-POP House for Disney. Not too scary, creepy or bizarre. The house was to be a travel inside a playfull, crazy, fun, electric pop music house in syncro with the music.

Initial idea presented to the client but client wanted a more straight style, not so toon style.
First idea of the House in 3D using Photoshop + 3dmax + Vray
Some sketched elements by pencil
Approved concept of the house design.
The Production

Hippie House decided to work mixing 3d for the house, objects, characters and elements. The studio then used footage for sparks, smokes, and particles. The 3d phase was animated and developed in 3ds max and rendered in V-ray splitted in render passes. After Effects was used with the addition of some footage for the smokes, dust, sparks. The particles were made with Particular plugin to take advantage of the imported camera from 3dmax into AFX.

Post-Production Passes Breakdown.
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