Graphic Design

Running 2014

Viget + Alchemy
Laura Sweltz
Trevor Gavin
Nathan Henry
Dick’s Sporting Goods teams up with Viget to create an engaging piece of their branding outreach to runners with an immersive and cinematic user experience that takes online shopping to the next level.
The Concept

Because virtually every page features full-screen product video, Viget needed to make sure they started with content that met their narrative and technical needs. Storyboarding the entire site along with collaboration with the film production team put Viget ahead of the game when it came time to build out the site.

Highly detailed wireframes toward the entire site helped streamline the production process when it came time to build out the site.
The Production

To expand on the shoppable feature, Viget integrated an emotional narrative toward the site with providing each product its own full-screen video. These individual videos allow visitors to not only see detailed views of the material, color and construction but also watch the items in action and on runners.

Using the storyboards, Viget was able to to collaborate closely with the film production team and provide art and photography direction at the shoot
The product level of the site feels like a natural extension of the video narrative — almost a behind-the-scenes peek at what’s happening in the sequence as a whole
To combat the capacity issues presented by a site with 33 full-screen product videos, the team used the JavaScript task runner Grunt to batch process source files into web-ready video
Viget created smooth and seamless navigation using CSS transisitions and transforms to elevate the sites feel and user experience
To tackle the issue of mobile devices that push video content to a native player, Viget decided to serve mobile users separate site content with videos they can opt to select and view

With this branded e-commerce experience, Viget discovered that it's possible to combine the drama and story of a video narrative with the interactive content of a consumer product site. This discovery creates a new online experience that seamlessly melds emotional brand storytelling with e-commerce shopability.

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Dick's Sporting Goods
Laura Sweltz User Experience Designer
Trevor Gavin Alchemy Creative Director
Nathan Henry DP
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