Dawn of the Planet of the Zombies and the Giant Killer Plants on some Serious Acid

Alf Lovvold
GMUNK 8.5 R.V. 9 P.T. 8 V.M.H. 6 J.M. 8.5 M.P. 7 G.R. 8 F.A. 6 D.B. 8 A.J. 9 Creative 7.8 GMUNK 8.5 R.V. 8.5 P.T. 8.2 V.M.H. 8.5 J.M. 8 M.P. 7.5 G.R. 8.5 F.A. 7.5 D.B. 9 A.J. 10 Design 8.4 GMUNK 9 R.V. 8.5 P.T. 8.3 V.M.H. 9 J.M. 8.5 M.P. 8 G.R. 8 F.A. 7.5 D.B. 9 A.J. 10 Craft 8.6 GMUNK 8.7 R.V. 8.7 P.T. 8.2 V.M.H. 7.8 J.M. 8.3 M.P. 7.5 G.R. 8.2 F.A. 7 D.B. 8.7 A.J. 9.7 Total 8.3
This personal late-night project started with a few simple test shots and snowballed into a 2min long dummy trailer with various detailed shots pushing whats capable as a one-man band to produce himself.
The Concept

The inspiration for creating "Dawn of the Stuff..." came from the spoof title. Title sequences are getting longer and longer so it stuck with the project and the theme of exaggeration. The film is also an homage to old 1950s horror movies.

The Production

Alf has used Maya for many years. A majority of "Dawn of the Stuff" was created using Maya. Redshift3D was used for most of the rendering. Fusion was used for all composition work.

Project Breakdown video
Shooting liveaction plates on motion controlled rigs at Stiller Studios. The movement on the rig was exported from Alf's Maya file.
Live Action Shot timelapse - Footage was from Stiller Studios and then touched up by Alf. All of the stock characters were from Mixamo and then he slightly modified them.
Heli Crash Wireframe.
Adding a wide establishing shot.
Heli Crash City View
ClayRender Exterior Chase Sequence
WIP - Chase Scene
WIP - Street Turn (Clay Render, Wireframe, Misc Passes, Beauty Pass)
Timelapse of Asset Production in Maya
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