Cosmos - Motion Packaging - Wine bottle design

Ion Lucin
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Cosmos - Motion Packaging - Wine bottle design Motion Design applied to packaging, bringing life to packaging graphics, going beyond, evolving to something new and evolutionary. Concept Design, Personal Project by Ion Lucin
The Concept

As my first venture in to Industrial Design and Product Design, like with all my designs, i wanted to create something new, something unique and original.

Each time i face a new creative challenge, something i never did before, i try to learn, experiment, create something new, but i never forget the knowledge i already have. What i like to do is to apply this new knowledge, this new creative field, to everything i already know and love, Motion Design, Graphic Design.

The concept of Cosmos Wine Bottle Design, is to apply Motion Design to Packaging, with technology that already exists, for years, creating Motion Packaging.

The first phase, the Graphic Design, the design of the Packaging, center's on the idea of the Cosmos, a solar system translated in to a graphical style, been the logo, the center of this solar system. Only Black & White color.

Concept - 1

Space background, logo in the center, the center of the solar system.
Concept - 2

Still frame from a first motion test, drawing on the planet paths.
Concept - 3

Building up the solar system
Concept - 4

After the first concept, a style frame, trying out things
Concept Motion Design
The Production

Once the base design is created, the concept of the solar system, the graphic design, i proceeded to the creation of the Motion concept, the Branding concept, the theme of the design, deep space - Cosmos.
From a graphic idea of a solar system, i went in defining the final design, creating motion test, giving form to the final result.

The concept of Motion Packaging then incorporated an intro part of the animation, as if, how does the bottle, the flexible display that is showing the Motion Design, how does it turn on, how does the animation start, before going in to the looping phase, the base design.

Logo design animation
Stars Motion Test
Asteroids Motion test
Planets Motion Test
Final Motion 1
Final Motion Design

Once the Graphic Design has been translated in to Motion Design, and once all that is applied as Packaging, in this case, as Motion Packaging, the only thing left was to present it in a sophisticated and correct way.
The bottle design and mold, was 3D modeled, and then rendered in 3D, for the final animation, and for the still renders.

The final animation, shows the transition from Graphic Design and Motion Design, to Packaging, from 2D, from screen, to 3D, to real life, to object, to Packaging and Product Design.
The animation is the final design, the proof of concept.

As for the still 3D renders, they are also necessary, for the purpose of displaying the design of the final product, the Graphic Design, the Packaging, the Product Design.

Final Design video presentation.
Lights On
Logo placement at top, detail
Product name placement, detail
Side shot, detail
3 Bottle composition
Making of Video
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