Graphic Design

Beans in Space

Alvise Avati
Eamonn Butler
Antony Hunt, Courtney Vanderslice-Law, Peter Nagle
Richard Clarke
Jean-David Solon
1+ Team Members
Beans, a mock-commercial is the first animated short film to be made at Cinesite and was created to showcase their creativity and animation talent. The spot was written and directed by Alvise Avati and produced by Eamonn Butler.
The Concept

The idea started when Cinesite wanted to update its animation reel. To do this quickly, they brought in Alvise to direct a new spot and together with Eamonn from Cinesite they put together initial concepts and storyboards.

Initial storyboard.
The Production

Using high resolution images of actual moonscapes and astronauts the team sculpted a 3D model of the lunar surface in Mudbox. The astronauts and monster were created in Maya where they added custom controls to bulge and jiggle the monsters muscles. This meant that every time he punched the ground or took a step, the audience would feel his weight, even though on the moon it would probably not react that way. The final composition was completed in Nuke.

Spacesuit design came from photographs of the the Apollo 13 mission.
The colorful flag draws the viewer's eye to focus on the monsters hole.
The character's design evolved throughout the project.
Color is used again to draw the viewer to the monster's face.
Animation is refined through a muscle rig then properly lighted to create the final vender.
To give energy to the spot the camera angle is low to the ground and close to the astronauts.

Cinesite didn’t work on the project exclusively but fitted it in among their other production work. It took 7 months to complete the spot that truly showcases what Cinesite can do.

Beans video
Making of Video
Alvise Avati Written & Directed
Eamonn Butler Producer
Antony Hunt, Courtney Vanderslice-Law, Peter Nagle Executive Producers
Richard Clarke VFX Supervisor
Jean-David Solon Art Direction
Alvise Avati, Eamonn Butler, Peter Clayton, Tom O'Flaherty, Adam Bailey Animation
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