Cherry Yogurt Commercial

Todd Kumpf
Justin Reed
Tim Little
Julie Benevides
Chad Ashley
StrawberryFrog collaborated on a commercial spot to launch Ehrmann's Mixim creamy greek yogurts, the brand's first television commercial in the United States.
The Concept

The concept was to create the spot from a filmmaker's or artist's perspective while including enough detail for the product to be appealing to consumers.

The Production

The production team spent a lot of time researching the brand and product to achieve the look and feel they wanted for the commercial.

The team researched the product extensively and shot reference footage on the stage that would prove crucial to achieving realism.
The Technical Director developed a method for easily retopologizing Zbrush sculpts of the expansive yogurt surfaces & simulating the impact of objects in the yogurt using Genome for 3D Max.
The animation of the falling cherries and chocolate would be hand keyed to ensure the most artistically appealing movement and compositions.
The team even worked in a physically accurate scale to be sure the move never felt too big or too small. They developed a unique system and Thinkbox’s Genome for yogurt impacts humorously dubbed “plop-tech” by the team. Chaos Group Vray was leveraged for rendering. The Technical Director pulled together over 250 gigabytes of renders and other material to blend together into the final look, working in Eyeon Fusion.
They used physically accurate cameras, lensing, and lighting. The spot was built fully through CGI to give the freedom to create camera angles that would otherwise be impossible, selling the romantic creative direction of the spot through one fluid sequence.

As always with food (and CGI), the challenge was to ensure the product looked real and appetizing. Both goals were met in the final result.

Making of Video
Todd Kumpf Animation Lead
Justin Reed Modeling Lead, Lighting
Tim Little Technical Director, Compositor
Julie Benevides Producer
Chad Ashley Creative Director
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