Casino Saga: The World

Ars Thanea
Peter Jaworowski
Piotr Kolus
Karol Kolodzinski
Piotr Nowacki
Daniel Komuda
17+ Team Members
Rushplay AG, a casino gaming company, approached Ars Thanea with one of the most exciting project briefs to come through our door: create a virtual world as home to Rushplay’s online casino. Additionally, Ars Thanea completed the creative work for Casino Saga's 30-second promotional spot featuring a dynamic pirate’s chase through the colorful landscape of Casino Saga Island.
The Concept

Casino Saga was to become a first-ever fantasy casino with real stakes in the game. Ars Thanea was responsible for creating an elaborately staged experience that included character design for each of the 40 bosses and the environment landscapes.

Concept Image
Digital Paintings - The game included self-described "Bosses" that players must defeat before continuing to new games.
Apart from the 40 bosses, Ars Thanea developed a set of playful avatars, giving players a wide range of personas to play with.
The Production

In an unusually tight turnaround of just 3 months and only a list of theme parks that might be included on a map, Ars Thanea got to work and cranked out over 40 themed worlds, 10 avatars, 40 villains, a website and corporate identity for this “first of its kind” casino platform. As an extension of the digital board island, the team created a 30 second animation promoting the launch of Casino Saga.

Initial Animation
3D Model
3D Modeling

Ars Thanea was responsible for everything from scratch to final including the entire Creative and Production of the animation. After they developed the characters and playful avatars for the map and game, Ars Thanea designed the Casino logo and 30' promotional video teaser.

Rushplay AB / Casino Saga
Peter Jaworowski Executive Creative Director
Piotr Kolus Art Director/ Lead 3D Artists
Karol Kolodzinski Director/ Script/ Art Director/ Matte Animator/ Compositing/ Digital Artists
Piotr Nowacki 3D Artist
Daniel Komuda 3D Artist
Marcin Molski Production Director
Patryk Habryn Technical Lead/ Art Director/ Animation Supervisor/ 3D Animator/ Matte Painter
Karol Klonowski Digital Artists
Pawel Szklarski CG Supervisor/ Art Director/ Lead Shading & Lighting/ Rendering/ Texture Artist
Michal Lisowski Art Director/ Concept Artist
Marcin Kowalski Digital Artists
Krysztof Roslan Concept Artist/ Storyboard Artist
Mikolaj Piszczako Art Director/ Concept Artist
Lukasz Skurczynski Character Artist/ Modeling Artist
Anna Mierzejewska Modeling Artist/ Texture Artist/ 3D Artist
Artur Szymczk Modeling Artist/ Shading/ Rendering/ Texture Artist/ 3D Artist
Lukasz Wiktorzak Texture Artist/ Digital Artist
Wojciech Kucia Character TD
Pedro Daniel Garcia 3D Animator
Joanna Bak Producer
Krzysztof Zarzycki IT Support
Rytmika Studio Sound & SFX
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