Beeline Education

Bird Oculus
A.J. 7 A.M. 6 D.B. 6 D.S.H. 7 F.A. 8 G.R. 8 J.S. 8 M.P. 8 M.S. 8 P.K. 9 Creative 7.5 A.J. 7 A.M. 8 D.B. 7 D.S.H. 7 F.A. 8 G.R. 8 J.S. 7 M.P. 8 M.S. 8 P.K. 8 Design 7.6 A.J. 7 A.M. 8 D.B. 7 D.S.H. 8 F.A. 7 G.R. 7 J.S. 6 M.P. 7 M.S. 8 P.K. 8 Craft 7.3 A.J. 7 A.M. 7.3 D.B. 6.7 D.S.H. 7.3 F.A. 7.7 G.R. 7.7 J.S. 7 M.P. 7.7 M.S. 8 P.K. 8.3 Total 7.5
Since 2018 Beeline has been teaching performance management to its employees. The employees are developing 8 competencies via Beeline’s intranet. We created a presentation video for the new education system and an introduction for each competence.
The Concept

We show education process metaphorically as a growing city. As the city develops, each citizen and the company progress.

The Production

Development time: 2 months
Placement: Beeline intranet

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