Graphic Design

The Winter Olympic

RKCR/Y&R + Stink + Red Bee Media
Mark Roalife
Tomek Baginski
Barnaby Blackburn
Gustavo Kopit
For this week's Howww, we take a look at BBC's spot created by RKCR/Y&R showcasing the struggle every Sportsman must face during the biggest and most important sport event, The Olympic Games.
The Concept

The campaign goal is to set the audience's awareness and excitement ahead of the BBC's coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics. As nature sets the challenge, the athletes must overcome its extreme elements in a bid for victory.

The overall concept begins with highly detailed storyboards outlining the spot
With storyboards approved, character development can begin with sketches and concept art
Pushing the concept further, artist can showcase various character options
However the final characters selected are less extreme to keep an overall current feel
The Production
Using props, green screen and fake snow, the production teams begins filming the various scenes
A live action shot of the athletes as the climb up the mountain to later be added to the 3D environment in post production
Using safety cables and blue screens allows the actors to perform the needed stunts
Sporting outfits from the approved concepts, the actors work closely with the production team to get the right shots
Using 3D Max, models and mountains are created for the extreme arial shots
The actors are masked out in After Effects and composited into the CGI environment
The final mountain shot was create in VUE, a 3D environment plugin for 3D Max

The creativity behind this spot forms part of a larger integrated campaign including TV trails, title sequences for editorial, radio and social media and publicity pictures. The Winter Olympics is an event where athletes compete against nature as well as each other and this spot brings nature to life giving it a foreboding voice taunting athletes to try and have their day.

BBC - 2014 Winter Olympics
Making of Video
Mark Roalife Executive Creative Director
Tomek Baginski Director
Barnaby Blackburn Creative
Gustavo Kopit Creative
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