Graphic Design

Awards Annual

Future Buro
Jack De Caluwe
Stephanie Rousset
Noel Wilson
After many years of paperback editions, the Australasian Writers and Art Directors (AWARD) Association approached Future Buro to develop their 2012 Awards Annual as an app, showcasing the region's best creative work in a new and improved digital format.
The Concept

The design of the app was defined by bold typography and experimental visuals integrated with the core features of Apple's iOS, which together provide a fresh introduction to each award category. The visuals feature a composition of wax statues, with a replica of the famous stencil award as the centrepiece, surrounded by industry-related objects such as a retro Apple computer, a Pantone book and a take-away coffee cup.

These were the initial conceptual sketches presented to the client.
The team joined forces with Kingcoma, a 3D studio, to model the shortlisted objects.
The team engaged in Walter White-style experimenting.
The team moved forward with internal planning.
The Production

The real-world wax objects were melted, allowing the colour of the award to blend with the others. The footage of that process was then played in reverse, giving the impression of all objects rising simultaneously with the pencil to represent the process of creation - from scratch to an award winner.

First, the team began with a trial phase.
They watched wax melting.
Then, the team began 3d Modeling the objects.

This project provided an opportunity to spread the Future Buro team's creative wings. Wax, paint, silicon, 3D software and a 3D printer all played a part, along with the regular tools of a digital studio. The end result was a harmonious blend of old and new.

AWARD – Bronze, introduction
AWARD – Silver, introduction
AWARD – Gold, introduction
Making of Video
Jack De Caluwe Creative Director
Stephanie Rousset Producer / Project Manager
Noel Wilson Managing Director
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