Graphic Design

Assassin's Creed Black Flag Trailer - Defy

MPC + Stink
Adam Berg
Daniel Abensour & Martin Westberg
Chris Allen
For the launch of Assassin's Creed IV, Black Flag, Stink director Adam Berg teamed up with MPC for the trailer, which seamlessly blends epic live action with complex VFX techniques.
The Concept

The ambitious project harnessed impressive set builds, including a to-scale ship and a 3,000 cubic metre water tank, as well as a cast of around 100 stunt men. MPC’s team, led by VFX wizard Franck Lambertz, collaborated on planning for the three day shoot and then completed the subsequent VFX over a four week schedule.

During pre-production MPC created a full 3D pre-vis of the ship and the concurrent camera move
The Production

With the idea and story finalized, the crew sets out to scout and shoot real footage that will later be composited in with the CGI work. They shot the footage over the course of three days and then completed the subsequent VFX over a four week schedule.

In order to get the seamless shot needed, scale sections of a spanish gun boat where constructed in a sound stage
The opening scene of an eerie underwater environment was filmed in a tank, built on set. The floating men were captured on five different plates, which were then composited together.
This shot required multiple plates of pirates on the ships deck that later is composited together to make one high-action scene
The team created atmosphere, backgrounds, ships, and explosions in 3D to have a seamless integrations of both live action and CG
MPC’s 3D team, led by Fabian Frank, utilised specialty software Houdini to create the realistic particle and water effects from scratch
Fire effects and final color grading complete the CG composite
The final, wide shot was created by MPC’s in-house concept artists who used matte painting to create the stunning scene; complete with burning ships, palm trees and a cloud filled sky
DEFY - Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Trailer
Making of Video
Adam Berg Director
Daniel Abensour & Martin Westberg Art Directors
Chris Allen VFX Producer
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