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Ars Thanea
Peter Jaworowski
Michał Duszczyk
Michał Duszczyk
Iga Zinkiewicz
Wojtek Łebski
13+ Team Members
GMUNK 9 R.V. 9 P.T. 7.9 V.M.H. 8.5 J.M. 7.5 M.P. 6 G.R. 7.5 F.A. 6.5 D.B. 6 A.J. 7 Creative 7.5 GMUNK 9 R.V. 9 P.T. 8 V.M.H. 9.5 J.M. 9 M.P. 7 G.R. 8 F.A. 5.5 D.B. 8 A.J. 8 Design 8.1 GMUNK 10 R.V. 9 P.T. 7.7 V.M.H. 7 J.M. 5 M.P. 7 G.R. 9 F.A. 6.5 D.B. 3 A.J. 7 Craft 7.1 GMUNK 9.3 R.V. 9 P.T. 7.9 V.M.H. 8.3 J.M. 7.2 M.P. 6.7 G.R. 8.2 F.A. 6.2 D.B. 5.7 A.J. 7.3 Total 7.6
Ars Thanea's new website was a must, but the thought of closing such an important project before January 2015 was incredibly pleasant.
The Concept

The team set a few goals, firstly - to show the full range of their services and projects in excellent quality. It was very important to makes sure, that every visitor would get a chance to see the process of creation and the diversity of their work. Secondly – to present all the people who stand behind those great pieces and create the unique culture of Ars Thanea.

Starting with the puzzles - sketches, drawings, making sure that everything will be simple and useful.
Advertising and Production case study photographs taken by Ars Thanea.
The website redesign was an opportunity for the team to get some awesome portraits.
There was no guidelines, simply having fun on the set.
Finally, the team had some time to take pictures of their new office and show the space they spent time in.
The Production

The production focused on modern design, which ensures that it will be clear on any device.

The choice of framework and cross browser compatibility was the biggest challenge they faced. They decided to use AngularJS backed up by teachnologies like responsive images (picture, srcset), HTML5 Video, History API or CSS Transitions.
Complicated transitional effects - The team had a lot of experience with CSS3 Transitions when starting the project, but learning to control complicated transitions from JavaScript was a valuable experience. Videos were streamed in using HTML5 Video hosted on their servers which allowed control of the material quality.

Visit Site - <a href="" target="_blank" style="cursor:pointer;"></a><br /> The project was accomplished in very short time and was definitely a huge success of our team.The website made us more recognisable on a local and international market and misspelled every doubt about our company’s services. Visit us and see all the people who stand behind Ars Thanea successes.

Self Promo
Peter Jaworowski Executive Creative Director
Michał Duszczyk Art Director
Michał Duszczyk Designer
Iga Zinkiewicz Copywriter
Wojtek Łebski Copywriter
Aleksandra Watras Copywriter
Peter Jaworowski Copywriter
Michał Duszczyk Content Designer
Kuba Uczciwek Content Designer
Szymon Świętochowski Photographer
Dawid Kalinowski Photographer
Andrzej Duś Front-End Developer
Artur Rozwalak Front-End Developer
Michał Włodarczyk Front-End Developer
Michał Jakubowski Front-End Animator
Robert Podwika Back-End Developer
Krzysztof Zarzycki IT Support
Tomasz Dominiak Digital Producer
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