Graphic Design


Kimchi and Chips (Mimi Son & Elliot Woods)
A.J. 5 A.M. 6 D.B. 7 D.S.H. 7 F.A. 5 G.R. 8 GMUNK 7 J.S. 5 M.P. 8 M.S. 7 Creative 6.5 A.J. 5 A.M. 6 D.B. 7 D.S.H. 6 F.A. 7 G.R. 7 GMUNK 6 J.S. 7 M.P. 8 M.S. 4 Design 6.3 A.J. 6 A.M. 6 D.B. 6 D.S.H. 6 F.A. 6 G.R. 8 GMUNK 7 J.S. 8 M.P. 6 M.S. 6 Craft 6.5 A.J. 5.3 A.M. 6 D.B. 6.7 D.S.H. 6.3 F.A. 6 G.R. 7.7 GMUNK 6.7 J.S. 6.7 M.P. 7.3 M.S. 5.7 Total 6.4
HackerRank's 2018 Women in Tech Report is focused on the state of women in computer science industry and the opportunity ahead for hiring managers to accelerate change. With every research piece, we feature an artist who combines code and art. Our research is for developers, so it should be designed & illustrated by developers as well.
The Concept

The Light Barrier artwork by Mimi Son & Elliot Woods is a physical installment that exploits the confusion and non-conformities at the boundary between materials and non-materials, reality and illusion, and existence and absence.
They represented many emotions women in the industry feel.

The Production

The technology behind the Light Barrier Artwork is enabled by Rulr, an open source graphical toolkit for calibrating spatial devices, created by Kimchi and Chips.
We used Adobe AfterEffects to cut the final video into a preview version and optimize it for faster loading time.
The static concept of the whole page was designed in Adobe PhotoShop and then converted to HTML, CSS & JavaScript in Atom.
To publish interactive charts we used custom styled Infogram charts.


As software is increasingly pervasive in our lives, it's more important than ever for builders to be representative of the people we're impacting. Having spent 10+ years immersed in technical hiring — first as an engineer, then as an author, and now as a tech hiring consultant — there's a lot of work to be done in building a more inclusive culture.

And, no doubt, many people are working hard on this issue. Through anti-bias programs, expanded support for mothers and fathers, diversity-focused networking groups, skills-based screening methods, and even interview trainings, companies are trying to create cultures that welcome diversity in its many forms.

HackerRank Direction
Kimchi and Chips (Mimi Son & Elliot Woods) Video Production
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