We believe an idea is only as good as its execution; it’s the detail in the craft that make good ideas great.

Howww is the first resource solely committed to helping professionals and beginners learn, find inspiration, and share knowledge on the experience behind building some of the worlds best creative marketing.

All of us at Howww are intensely passionate about motion graphics, animation, interactive and graphic design. What we consider to be the key skills to developing today’s top creative campaigns. Thus our content is focused around these types of executions. Any of these types of projects are applicable for submission to Howww.

Lastly, one of Howww’s core objectives is to be diligent in shining the light on the individuals behind the work. Your project will be viewed by an ever-growing audience of aspiring and professional artists. Each project is linked to their respective agency and creative; giving credit, where credit is due.

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It all starts by uploading your project through your Howww profile and nominating it for Case Study of the Week. All entries are first screened by Howww to prevent any inappropriate content. Once approved, they are placed on the website for public voting for a period of two weeks. During this period, the project will need to receive 20 public votes or it will be removed from the site.
Once a project receives 20 public votes it becomes shortlisted and you will receive an email to confirm your case study includes all assets for judging. During that period, a Howww representative will also contact you to help recommend and incorporate any additional materials to improve your chances of winning.
Panel Review

To help determine the quality of a project we’ve put together a panel of 10 of the top design professionals in the world who each specialize in a different area of graphic, interactive, or motion design.

Rollover the photos to find out more about our judges.

Brett Morris
Motion Designer & Director
Brett is an independent motion designer and director with skills across technical direction, look development and art direction. Based in Los Angeles, he is driven by the desire to explore challenges with critical thinking, ensuring artistic integrity is maintained at the highest level.
Aron Matschulat Aguiar
Producer & Filmmaker
100% Filmmaker: Director, Producer, Writer and Editor. Senior Producer at LOBO NYC, creatively engaged in the creation of complex pieces - amongst them the awarded 'World of Autism' for Autism Speaks and 'The Unlikely Hero' for Interface.
Cathrine Understrup
Art Director/Graphic Designer
Cathrine is a creative wildcard based in Denmark, working between advertising and graphic design. She develops concepts with strong a emphasis on art direction, with a passion for crafty tactile design combined with a curiosity about digital technologies.
Rakan Khamash
3D Generalist
A 3D artist based in Dubai with skills in modeling, sculpting, texturing, lighting, and topology. Recipient of local and global awards and features, Rakan works with clients and companies worldwide.
Elsa Secco
Art Director/Motion Designer
Elsa is a French motion graphics designer and co-founder of the design and animation studio, Eleven Keys, in Sydney, where they create hypnotic animations by mixing craft and digital, inspired by travel.
Valp Maciej Hajnrich
Graphic Illusionist
Valp Maciej Hajnrich is a graphic illusionist, full time freelance digital artist, art director, illustrator, concept artist and digital painter based in Katowice, Poland.
Paul Shtyler
Motion Designer/Art Director
Mad but rational artist of Russia. Paul is co-founder of PLAYD, a motion graphics collective. His portfolio includes a large number of well-known brands who completely rely on his taste and style from ideation through creation.
Javier Tommasi
Art Director & Designer
A freelance art director and designer based in Argentina, Javier has a deep passion for art, design, vivid color, science and nature. His interests are design, animation and 3D graphics, as seen in commercials, branding, main titles, music videos and print.
Jordan Mauriello
Digital Creative Director
Jordan Mauriello is founder of the digital agency, MoreYellow. He currently serves as executive creative director, overseeing a talented, multi-disciplinary team based in Orange County, California.
Léa Latassa
Léa joined Mikros Image, a high-end visual effects studio based in France, in 2010. As part of the assistant editing team, she interacts with all branches of audiovisual, and takes care of editing and agency communication.
The Evaluation System
Our intention is to be fair when evaluating each project submitted, so we’ve created an evaluation system based on 3 criteria: Creativity, Design and Craft. How original was the project, how well was it executed, and how well was the underlying planning and process.
Case Study Of
The Week
Once the voting process is complete, the Howww team will select the sites with the highest scores and schedule their appearance as CSOTW. There is no minimum score necessary to be considered for a Case Study Of The Week award and all shortlisted projects will remain in the competition for a three-month period from the date of submission.
Honorable Mention
Once the voting has concluded, the Howww team will select the sites to receive an Honorable Mention. These projects can take pride in being placed on the Honorable Mention section of the site along with a ribbon to display on their personal site.
Completed A Project?
If your project is complete why not upload it now. It’s a simple straight forward process. Who knows? You and your team could be the case study of the week.
Submit your work
Submit your work
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Please allow 24hrs for your project to appear in the directory.
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