Zero Gravity

SilaSveta and Louder Agency
Alexander Us
Alex Rosov
Ekaterina Rezvova
Ilya Balakin
Adeliya Koldarova
11+ Team Members
Zero Gravity — special project by SilaSveta and Louder Agency, an experiment in finding a new approach to car presentation. Two industrial robot arms holding full-scale car model with their movements synchronised with video on LED wall and projection in one technological performance. Louder agency was in charge of technical execution: model and frame production, robot’s mount design, assembling everything on a spot. Sila Sveta developed the concept, choreography of all movements, production of visual and audio content.
The Concept

Sila Sveta specializes in audiovisual shows and has done a number of car launches. Every case is a chance for them to try something new and experiment.That is how the idea of Zero Gravity was born. The team had two industrial robot arms, holding and moving full scale car models. Another idea that was simple in execution: have a real car standing and two robots holding sharpy lights.

For a presentation for their partners in this project, Louder Agency, they made concepts for both variants and started working on a technical pipeline.
Storyboard by Art Directo Ilya Balakin.
Moodboard by Art Directo Ilya Balakin.
The Production

The teams had two global phases: pre-production and production. First phase included: creative concept (synopsis and mood board with references); storyboard, style frames (final look of every shot in best quality), previz (draft animation of the show). They moved to production phase after they had finished the previous phases and had an approval from the client.

Once all visuals were confirmed, the team moved on to the production phase. About 80% of the shots were worked on by a CG artist who worked with a single shot from 3D modeling to compositing.

Once all the content was created from a virtual "audience" camera, the last step was to process the video to the correct format. Keystone correction for the video on screen was done with Corner Pin effect. Mapping on a car was reprojected from a camera back on a 3D model and baked to texture.

Optimized 3D model and UVW-map: They decided to use real headlights, grid and wheels. They found that 3D models of the car had differences with the original car's headlights so they had to change the model slightly.
Technical drawing of robot working area: To choose a robot model, they had to consider lift weight, movement possibilities, russian stock and permanent installation. They picked Fanuc R-2000iC/165F model.
"Impossible" robots position: Once they had recieved original CAD-model of the robot, they optimized it for their designer's software and made a simple rig which allowed them to manipulate only frame center. While working on this animation, they were able to determine when there is a rigid connection between robots and what positions they can not make.
Initial Test: assemble robots with the frame like it will be later during shooting and project previz on a vinyl screen to synchronise robots with CGI. During the test, they foudn an issue with the steel frame which lead to additional supporting mounds to the frame and wheels.
Robot mount drawing
TouchDesigner GUI with a project - They used realtime render with the following pipeline: After robots data was programmed with their rotations and positions, the data is transferred into TouchDesigner with custom plug-ins. TouchDesigner was used to recreate setup virtually in 3D. Content mapping was baked in UVW-map and image to the projecter was a realtime render from virtual camera in TouchDesigner.
Model Production: Shooting location was already prepped with everything installed. After shooting, it took two months of post production.
Final Render

The final output videos were encoded with HAP Q code - this is the most effective codec for TouchDesigner that supports GPU-render.

SilaSveta and Louder Agency
Alexander Us Producers/ Creative Director
Alex Rosov Producers
Ekaterina Rezvova Project Manager
Ilya Balakin Art-Director/ Concept Artist
Adeliya Koldarova Concept Artist
Dmitry Markov Concept Artist/ General Artist
Denis Astakhov Supervisor
Alexey Churochkin General Artist
Arthur Kondrashenkov General Artist
Maksim Bitiukov General Artist
Maksim Rudakov General Artist
Vitaliy Babich General Artist
Dmitriy Napolnov Mapping projection crew
Denis Akopov Mapping projection team
Maksim Tulin Mapping projection team
Evgeniy Arkhipov Filming and editing
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