Wormarium Arcade

carlos alcoser
Juan Carlos Alcoser
Dario Segura
Francisco González Jordán
Sebastian Anesetti
Snake and slither your worminess through subterranean mazes and avoid being chopped up by the pesky moles in this fast paced, action packed, puzzle game. You play as the current rulers of the underground, the worms, who after thosuands of years of ruling the subterranean world are now being challenged by the seriusly rude!!! mole population. You are tasked with the mission of filling subterranean labyrinths with your worminess, while avoiding and out smarting the maliciously intentioned moles, who's mission is to reach the mysterious book of power thingy before the worm gods and rule over the WORMWORLD FOREVER !!! MUUUHAHAHAHAH!!!
The Concept

The idea for the game came from our programmers wife who was inspired by a video game she played as a child. The game was a classic cat and mouse chase. A few days later our programmer developed a simple demo with the same concept but with his own little twist, he created a grid and placed two dots as the characters of the game, 1 orange, 1 red. The purpose of the game was to paint the entire grid with your dot while avoiding being caught by the red dot.

This is the very first concept of Wormarium, back then it didn't have a name, even though the look of it was very simple the gameplay was very addictive and fun, we were looking to see it's potential
Here is another early concept from our artist.This one is about a prisoner trying to escape the watchful eyes of the prison guards.
Our artist went a little bit crazy with this Idea. He created an isometric abstract concept in which the two hands are the protagonist of the game , the red hand attempts to catch the blue hand.
This was an interesting early concept in which there where 3 characters in the game the fire, the fireman and the water drop. You play as a water drop who's goal is to navigate a maze of pipes and reach the fireman fighting the burning building. The fire in all it's fieriness plays the antagonist,it attempts to cut the water drop off and deny it from reaching its goal.
When we saw this concept we instantly fell in love with it, we finally had the perfect characters for our game, we immediately started to see the potential and all that the game could offer by having silly crazy looking worms as our main characters.Going through underground tunnels and filling them up with our worminess became our favorite thing to do.
The Production

We began the development of wormarium in early May with a team of three guys and high hopes for the project. Being a small company the development process came with its fare share of hurdles, struggling to survive, working long hours and simply not having enough money to keep the light on in the office are just a few of the obstacles that stood in our way but, our aspiration for the game to be a success pushed the team to new boundaries. Unfortunately the pressure proved to be to much for one of our team members and with the game at 60% completion the team of three was reduced to two...


With the deadline fast approaching and nearly 40% of the games assets not complete wormarium's release was looking grim.Thankfully for us we had two great friends who decided to step up to the plate and help finish the project. With their help we managed to complete one months worth of work in two weeks and more importantly gained two talented individuals to the Trompo games family. The team is now stronger than it has ever been and our spirits are once again lifted, the project had thought us some invaluable lessons which we will take with us and most certainly learn from. Wormarium to Trompo games is a definition of what hard work, dedication, presistance and will power can get you. Thank you and we hope you enjoy!!

Trompo Games Inc.
Juan Carlos Alcoser Artist
Dario Segura Programmer
Francisco González Jordán Animator
Sebastian Anesetti Level Designer
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