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Who Is Riley Rose?

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An out of home campaign for a new beauty brand, Riley Rose. An offshoot of global brand Forever 21, Riley Rose is a beauty brand that is for everyone. We showed this by creating composite postings by layering three images together and hand-tearing them to reveal that beauty is diverse and not confined to one person or look.
The Concept

Riley Rose came to us for a unique out of home wild posting campaign for the grand opening of their first ever retail location in Los Angeles. Riley Rose isn’t your typical beauty and lifestyle brand, therefore, we didn’t want to do a usual run-of-the-mill fashion ad. We wanted something the felt as inspired as the store itself. A place to be yourself, have fun and embrace your natural beauty. Visuals feature models from a variety of different backgrounds, overlapping each other to create a collage of natural beauty inspired by the ethos of the brand.

Model composites
The Production

The wildpostings aim to disrupt the traditional beauty and fashion advertising world by using a layering and hand-ripping technique to reveal underlying visuals. We created hundreds of wild postings in the most instagrammable neighborhoods in LA. Each poster was layered with 3 images and hand-torn to reveal a composite of several models, enumerating that "beauty" does not belong to just one person, rather, beauty is in everyone.

Tearing one of many hundreds of our composite posters.
Getting ready for some
Brooms - for more than just sweeping.

The final result was a massive, city-wide campaign asking viewers the question, "Who Is Riley Rose?" which generated excitement for the brand's grand reveal in September of 2017. Customers flocked to the flagship retail location to answer for themselves, "Who Is Riley Rose?" The answer of course, is Riley Rose is everyone.

The final product in LA
Example of full wall
Examples of two side-by-side
Riley Rose
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