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Paul H. Paulino
Paul H. Paulino
Paul H. Paulino
M.S. 4 P.T. 8 V.M.H. 7 J.M. 7.9 Creative 6.7 M.S. 4 P.T. 7.9 V.M.H. 8.5 J.M. 8.4 Design 7.2 M.S. 6 P.T. 7.7 V.M.H. 8.5 J.M. 8 Craft 7.6 M.S. 4.7 P.T. 7.9 V.M.H. 8 J.M. 8.1 Total 7.2
Wasp was inspired by the artwork of Ian Mcque. Paulino tried to convey a relationship between a man and his vehicle using his inspiration from Mcque's work.
The Concept

Paulino was tasked with developing a still image within a month. He chose an Ian Mcque sketch to use as his inspiration. After a few days studying the concept, he was ready for the production phase of the project.

Concept art by Ian Mcque.
Mood/Reference Board. Paulino collected many references for each piece of the hovercraft.
Composition sketches. Because Mcque's artwork didn't have a background, Paulino tried to envision it himself.
The Production

Paulino had just one month to complete the project. In order to meet his deadline, Paulino created a schedule that broke down each part of production: Modeling, UV's, Texturing, Lighting, Shading, Rendering and Compositing.

Paulino's schedule to keep track of time and deadlines.
Hovercraft during the modeling process.
UV Mapping completed in Maya.
The texturing was done in MARI, a powerful tool that allows you to paint directly onto the model.
Various render passes.

The final artwork composition was done in Photoshop. The background was applied using overlapping photos to create a dusty and apocalyptic environment. Within the software, Paulino also color corrected the whole shot to emphasize the warm tones of the image and the science fiction feeling.

Final artwork
Paul H. Paulino
Paul H. Paulino 3D Artist
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