VR | Title Sequence

Jerred North
Tanner Notch
Neil Karstetter
GMUNK 8 R.V. 7 P.T. 8.7 V.M.H. 7 J.M. 7 M.P. 6 G.R. 6 F.A. 7 D.B. 7 A.J. 7 Creative 7.1 GMUNK 8 R.V. 7 P.T. 8.3 V.M.H. 7.5 J.M. 7.5 M.P. 7 G.R. 7 F.A. 8 D.B. 8 A.J. 7 Design 7.5 GMUNK 9 R.V. 8 P.T. 8.4 V.M.H. 8 J.M. 8 M.P. 7 G.R. 7 F.A. 8 D.B. 7 A.J. 8 Craft 7.8 GMUNK 8.3 R.V. 7.3 P.T. 8.5 V.M.H. 7.5 J.M. 7.5 M.P. 6.7 G.R. 6.7 F.A. 7.7 D.B. 7.3 A.J. 7.3 Total 7.5
The title sequence for the web-series, VR - Letters from the Virtual Reality Frontier, tells the story of Virtual Reality technology using metaphoric graphics and typography.
The Concept

Cascadium thought the story of VR technology, which went dormant in the 90's and then remerged a few years ago from a pile of cell phone parts to renewed interest, made not just for a good story, but a dynamic visual concept as well. The man falling in reverse from a cluster of reassembling broken glass, embodied the Phoenix-like revival of the dormant technology, while the gaggle of curious kids looking on, spoke to the developer community seeing a creative opportunity in its renewed potential.

Initial Concept
The Production

The team spent three months in pre-production; storyboarding, testing typography, and experimenting with fracture patterns in various types of glass. Production was scheduled for a single day of shooting. They roped in a group of kids, who wore green paper glasses to ease the keying work, and the Producer, who was hung from the rafters on a harness next to a fan for good effect. Post-production took place in three cities over three months. The graphics were created in After Effects loaded down with 3rd party plugins (Plexus, Trapcode Form, Optical Flares, and Element 3D) and Cinema 4D for a small bit of modeling.

Cinema 4D screenshot.

The title sequence premiered at this years SXSW - Excellence in Title Design. Everyone involved feels super grateful to have been able to tag along with this labor of love for the subsequent wild and crazy ride.

Jerred North Director & Designer
Tanner Notch Producer
Neil Karstetter Producer
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