Graphic Design

Symmons - Smart from the Inside Out

Taylor James
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A captivating TV commercial, online and print campaign for Symmons, in collaboration with agency Full Contact, really did prove to be the ‘smart choice’! Symmons, pioneers of kitchen and bath products in the USA, wanted to bring to life the beautiful inner detail and workings of the Symmons tap (or ‘faucet’ to our American friends!). Their products are ‘beautiful from the inside out’, making them the ‘smart choice’ which is at the heart of this stunning brand campaign. So it’s only fitting that they should choose Taylor James’ Intelligent Production approach as their solution! We’re proud to announce that Symmons won the award for best animation in Le Book’s Creative Awards 2015!
The Concept

The idea behind the TV and print campaign was to depict ‘beauty from the inside out’ along with the long lasting design, which makes Symmons the ‘smart choice’. This was conveyed through three iconic images of a butterfly, the Pyramids and of course a light bulb!

Each image was carefully designed here at TaylorJames, expanding on Full Contact original concepts you can see to the right. We then handcrafted those in CGI from all the internal components of the product. It was very important that the visuals captured the smallest details at the highest quality to ensure a faithful reproduction and photo-realism, before seamlessly integrating them into each design.

The Production

We designed and directed the complete TVC and print campaign, including look development, storyboarding, animation, grading and retouch utilising our in-house skills and services. It was a great collaborative process with the guys at Full Contact! The result is this series of photoreal print ads and a beautifully crafted animation where each object flows seamlessly into the next.

A full CGI solution for this campaign highlights the advantages of creating digital products and components that can be creatively re-purposed for maximum value from print to motion and ensures a cohesive look and feel across both.

Using 3D scene setups and pre-visualation techniques, we were able to quickly explore and develop the iconic designs, whilst testing different positions and scales of the component pieces. This process allowed us to have total control over the camera moves and animation of the icons and transitions, along with lighting and materials.


A wonderful contrast to what you would usually expect of large scale plumbing manufacturer, it shows just what we can do with design, direction, VFX and skilful retouching!

We brought together a range of our in-house creative and technical skills, to ensure a consistent and efficient production to deliver a beautiful multi-channel campaign all under the one roof.

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