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Story Objects

Vera van Wolferen
Vera van Wolferen
A.M.A. 10 B.M. 8 C.U. 8 E.S. 9.5 V.M.H. 10 L.L. 8 J.T. 9 R.K. 7.6 P.S. 8 Creative 8.7 A.M.A. 10 B.M. 8.5 C.U. 9 E.S. 9.5 V.M.H. 10 L.L. 8 J.T. 9 R.K. 8 P.S. 8.5 Design 8.9 A.M.A. 10 B.M. 8.5 C.U. 9 E.S. 9.5 V.M.H. 10 L.L. 9 J.T. 9.5 R.K. 7.8 P.S. 9 Craft 9.1 A.M.A. 10 B.M. 8.3 C.U. 8.7 E.S. 9.5 V.M.H. 10 L.L. 8.3 J.T. 9.2 R.K. 7.8 P.S. 8.5 Total 8.9
Story Objects is an ongoing personal project I'm working on for half a year now. I started this project to develop my skills in a material that was new to me: balsa wood.
The Concept

I wanted to make a series of objects that all seem to come from the same world. Some are presented in a glass dome, as if they are captured and conserved mini worlds.

The Production

The tools I use are really simple, just a stanley knive, a tiny saw, a ruler and a cutting board. For glueing I use glue that's also used for bookbinding. I start by cutting out the side views of a house or vehicle, and then I fill in the top, bottom and the middle to make it a 3d object. I like to design as I build, adding details as I go. It takes me an average of 3 days per sculpture.

My tools.
I start with the side view.
I enjoy adding details like this grill and a tiny logo on the hood.
A relief of an ice cream on the side of the truck.
Parts of the forklifter.
I made this piece of a mountain by adding triangles one by one. It's a meticulous process of measuring, cutting and glueing.
Sides of the car of "Jeep Safari for the Cultural Antropologist"
Adding sides to the car of "Jeep Safari for the Cultural Antropologist"
A really tiny chair!
Frame of the "Wonder House"
Further on in the process of making the "Wonder House"

The end result is a series of miniature sculptures.

"Jeep Safari for the Cultural Antropologist"
"Ice Ice Baby, the rappers new career"
"Mountain Piece"
"Mountain Piece"
"Wonder House"
"Hide out with cloud"
"Best friends"
"Escapist fantasy"
"Sunken home"
Making of Video
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