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Schick Edge 'Shaving Foam Campaign'

JWT New York
Luminous Creative Imaging
JWT New York
Jaap Vliegenthart
A.M.A. 8 B.M. 8.75 C.U. 6 E.S. 9 L.L. 8 P.S. 7.9 R.K. 8 Creative 8 A.M.A. 7 B.M. 8.5 C.U. 6 E.S. 9 L.L. 6 P.S. 7.7 R.K. 7.8 Design 7.4 A.M.A. 8.5 B.M. 9 C.U. 6 E.S. 9 L.L. 7.5 P.S. 8.2 R.K. 8 Craft 8 A.M.A. 7.8 B.M. 8.8 C.U. 6 E.S. 9 L.L. 7.2 P.S. 7.9 R.K. 7.9 Total 7.8
We were asked by Dutch photographer Jaap vliegenthart to assist him in a great project for Schick (a brand of shaving foamin the US).We sat together to form a plan of how to best approach this project and get the best final result. The aim of the project was to create great looking portraits of the male models with foam beards. From these foam bears little figures would rise, telling little stories based on of all kinds of sports activities. The plan was to to shoot models with white outfits and white bodypaint, to get anatomically correct poses and also use these in the sketching phase as a placeholder for the next stage where we would create the actual foam figures. Once this was done, we created little wooden mannequins in the corresponding shapes which we then spray-painted white and painted real foam on with the help of brushes. In this way we would have the correct look and feel of real foam and also the correct size that would match the foam of the beards. These were then photographed in our own studio in a miniature set and integrated into the existing photography.
The Production

The photography shoot was done in the US. The creation of the foam figures and postproduction was done by us.

To keep the correct feel of the foam, the figures were made in foam on top of wooden mannequin dolls.


There were 4 final images, each showing different stories/activities in the foam.

Making of Video
Shick Edge
Jaap Vliegenthart Photograhy
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